Off The Pinhook: Black Street Soul Presents....

The Pinhook If you were not at The Pinhook last night you missed an epic experience! Juztkp & Quentin Rashad presented "Black Street Soul" which was an array of artists to entice your musical mindset. So let me set the stage for you. The dynamic host was none other than Ms. Dominique Cymone also known as @peacelovedom on IG whom graced us with her effervescent presence. First up was the beautiful songstress Jas Natasha who put us in a "Corrine Bailey Rae" type of trance with her melodic tones. Her hot new single "Hello Love" had us captivated reminiscing about moments of love indeed. Make sure you follow her @iamjasnatasha and her single is available on all digital outlets now! Next up was chosen one Von Dupree who performed various songs including his ode to NC peeps that are from "Round Da Way". Showing love to his southern roots by infusion with lyrical antidotes of realism. Go to for all upcoming events as well on @vondupree for more on this dope artist! Side bar the food was delicious and those Ranch wings were everything!! Now Conrad was feeling the Chicken Alfredo but you know the way my diet is set up I had to pass on the pasta lol. Okay back to the show...back on stage is rapping crooner Micah Emmanuel letting us know  "Your Girl Know It" and even hit us with a surprise dance off for the ladies. I wasn't ready lol.  So make sure you hit him up @guapo.papi and on  Then we were hit with a video premier by songwriter/producer/publisher/singer Quentin Rashad  one being the sexy "Red Wine Melody". Mind blowing flows of sensuality and vibrating motions filled the room. This is Quentin Rashad  and his website is then you have to follow him on IG @quentinrashad. To close out the night poetic lyricist "lost son of Miles Davis" Juztkp graced the stage to take us to new heights with his oh so affectionate single "Crusin the Streets" a testament of love to his beloved. "School Supplies" was a prophetic rap written for his friends having children and literally 2 weeks later he was amazed to find out he also will be a father. High tempo rhythms running through that led to a remix of Monica's "Before you walk out of my Life" with a guest songstress on stage to join him to take us back to the 90's R&B soul. I have to tell you about the special guests in the building beyond us of course there was the incomparable artist Gemynii who broke us down in the form of painting of the Ms. Betty Davis surprisingly . What a concept considering Juztkp is the self-proclaimed "lost son of Miles Davis" and Gemynii was painting his wife Betty while listening to Juztkp. By the way Conrad was a tad bit salty Juztkp got the artwork first. lol. Follow the floetic artist @gemynii on IG. We also got a chance to chat with of K97.5 who has a new radio show coming soon about 90's -2000's R&B Soul I can't wait because this is going to be major! Are you following her ? If not what you waiting for? she's @mirsempire on IG. Give it up for Black Street Soul ladies and gentleman. Until next time this is The Luxe Blog NC!


Quentin Rashad

Von Dupree and K. Knight

Jas Natasha and K. Knight


Dominique Cymore and Conrad