Timeless Styles Mag's Presents... "YOLO" featuring Jus Once Band at 44 Soul Cafe

Saturday night I was in the mood for some grown folks type of entertainment of soulful live music and an atmosphere that takes me away for a minute. I found it at 44 Soul Café last night Timeless Styles Mag's YOLO night where the grown folks came out to enjoy an evening of great music, delicious drinks, flavorful food, and great vibrations from the Jus Once Band. The complimentary wait staff brought a personal touch to our experience. So of course Conrad and I had to let you know a review on this inviting nightlife spot. Soon as I walked in DJ Jus Right was grooving to classic 90s-2000s Hip & Hop as well as R&B I thought I was in a music utopia because that’s rare you hear music like this when you enter lounges or bars nowadays. Especially with the new wave of "trap music" taking the airways over its refreshing to know music from my generation is still popping! So next thing I know I was rocking side to side reminiscing on what I was doing when this song was on the radio. Wouldn’t you like to know but umm anywho lol back to 44 Soul Café.  The layout is a great intimate event space with a private bar area with views of the main stage with wrap around VIP reserved seating to bring you full circle. The dance floor has limitless space potential to offer you a concert feel between you and the band.  Dj Jus Right had us in the zone as we awaited Jus Once to hit the center stage. Who is Jus Once you ask? The infamously talented go-go inspired band that has crossed many state lines giving us the best in live music performing some of our most loved hits with that Jus Once style only they can deliver. Each member brings to the table a unique musical dynamic. First song of the night was Method Man & Mary J. Blige’s “All I Need” rendition that had the ladies mesmerized.  Even my section was up rocking to the beats and when the member Ce-Lo hit the congas that was it we all knew the night was going to the next level.  I'm still trying to decided which I loved better between Mary Jane Girls "All Night Long" or Miguel's "Adorn". This is not my first Jus Once experience because I’ve been a fan for years but it was my first time observing them from a bloggers perspective. If you enjoy live music that is pure talent then you need to experience Jus Once. I had a chance to chat with the founder Santonio Parker about how the band came to be and what direction they are headed towards. The year was 1999 where it all began for Santonio Parker but the band name went through some revisions to become Jus Once officially in 2003 with a combination of previous band members and new additions to bring what we know today as the incomparable Jus Once Band. NC’s only go-go band that brings us musical flavors of DC and NC. They are hitting the HBCU Homecoming circuit this month so you can catch them next on Oct. 17th at ECSU Alumni Affair, Oct. 24th at NCA&TSU Alumni event ,and back to Raleigh Oct. 29th to wrap up for St. Augustine. Make sure you follow them on IG @jusoncegogo for future touring dates. What a night at the 44 Soul Café make sure  you follow them as well on IG @44SoulCafe_ for upcoming events and specials. They serve a variety of drink specials and hot foods from chicken wing platters to tilapia combos. As you already know this is RDU’s Premiere Blog, The Luxe Blog NC, so stay tuned to our next event and thank you for your support! DJ

DJ Jus Right Spinning!

Jus Once 3

Founder Santonio Parker

jus once 5Jus Once 1

Male Lead Vocalist "Wide Awake"

Jus Once 2jus once 6

Lead Female Vocalist "Phoenix Lei"


Conga Player "Ce-Lo"

Jus Once 4Jus Once

Jus Once Band