OpenWhispers at The Pinhook

Monday nights now offer a new opportunity for artists to showcase their musical talents. Instead of the normal “open-mic night”, OpenWhispers is allowing artists to have an opportunity to actually showcase their talents in a way that truly allows them a time to shine! This past Monday night was pretty dope. It opened with Quran Karriem, who presented us with his unique style of electronica. Quran truly set the mood and tone for the night. The mixes and techniques he used, truly seemed to blow everyone in the building away. Next up was Dante with his alternative style on his acoustic guitar. Dante’s style reminds you of the group Nirvana from the 90s. It was just the right style needed to keep the mood of the night going. He’s truly someone that you could listen to when you’re trying to focus. Then there was JuztKP, who hit the stage with his crazy lyrical flow and energetic stage presence, changing up the mood for night. The mood change was a good one though because when Anonymous Jones hit the stage, he commanded attention. Although, my attention was more so on the red hoover board which K. Knight convinced me to I get on and try out. Let’s just say that I might not be trying one of them out again anytime soon. So remember, you never know where we might be next, so keep an eye out….

The Pinhook