The Naked Event Part II: Male Edition

Naked Event Last night was anything short of dynamic! I went to the oh so swanky Shiki Sushi Restaurant in Durham, NC which has a lavishly red hued decorum for fine sushi dining. They have intimate private spaces for larger parties and the waitstaff was beyond inviting as we sat down for a chat & chew session about the "naked truth" of dating & relationships. The room was infused with entrepreneurs, fashion bloggers, professionals, and of course yours truly. The event was co-hosted by Certified Matchmaker & trusted love liaison Dominique Clark owner of D. Clark & Company. Follow her @dclarkandco on Instagram & Periscope then log-on to for all your love inquiries! The other co-host was Beauty Maven Nastassia Hewitt owner of The Remedy Hair & Body Spa. Follow her @remedystyliststar then log-on at for all your beauty needs! Now we were in the presence of great company and I was enjoying the "ear candy" of listening to the perspectives of how men and women felt about dating & relationships. Oh, in case you were wondering, I ordered the salmon sushi rolls that were excellent. I was tempted to take part in the buy one get one free option but I politely refused lol. Oh to be on a diet. Back to the event. The evening started with a round table of intros and we were all seated with men on opposite side of the ladies! It was a variety of singles and couples which gave an interesting dynamic conservation wise. We were live on DClark&Co Periscope last night so that was fun to hear what the viewers had to say. By the way I posted a few videos for you to see on our Facebook and Instagram page! A series of questions were asked straight from D. Clark's social media! An example was "Why do women remain in toxic relationships?" . Yours truly gave a glimmer of light on this issue by proposing is it because women at times look at the "potential" of what he could be vs. reality of what is? That definitely took the conversation further as others chimed in to agree especially the men seemed very engaged. To mix up the night a bit a "I met her at Cinnabon" scenario took place with 2 willing participants! D. Clark set the scene of a first time interaction when a guy sees a young lady of interest while awaiting his decadent dessert treat for the day. Check out Facebook to see the interaction go down and let us know on the comments what you would have said? A second scenario featured co-hostess Nastassia this time as the female interest. Her male participant was acting as if it was college homecoming weekend and he was relaxing at the bar at alumni event. Needless to say the interaction meant 2 totally different things to each party involved. Watch and see on our Facebook! The event was definitely a success with intimate conversation. We all left inspired and more open-minded prior to. So until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Luxe Blog NC.