Hot Exclusive : The King of Brooklyn Maino in NC!

Maino About the other night….it was epic to say the least because for the first time since the KOB3 Mixtape dropped the King of Brooklyn Maino was in NC. So you know your favorite blog had to take a road trip to Fayetteville for an exclusive interview with the grinding “Imma Go Harder Than Them” lyricist. So let me set the scene for you. The Maino: Meet & Greet was at Legendz Sports Bar which offers an intimate chill environment infused with a sports bar vibe. Soon as we walked in the staff was inviting and the atmosphere was set for entertaining.  If you’re not following them on IG make sure you do @legendzsportsbar this is a great spot for you to grab some great food, drinks, and shoot some pool. Now I gotta mention the event was hosted by powerhouse DJ Ike G Da “The Carolina Trendsetter” follow @djikegda910 on IG. He’s the infamously known DJ that tours with the likes of so many of your favorite celebrities and best of all he’s just a really chill type of dude! He kept the mixes going for the night and “We Break Records” @MP3WAXX was in the building supporting.  Special shout out to Raleigh’s own @wadebanner for being in the building. So as The Lux crew is chilling within our own great convos in walks Maino dressed in all black and I must admit I had a “fan moment” in the midst of him walking by because this is my “rapper crush bae” lol.  As we were standing oh so casually near the bar he proceeds to look our way and greet us. That love was evident and to know he respects people coming out to meet him was real. Ladies he is even more handsome in person and when he kissed my hand I was done for 2.5 seconds playing his single “That Could Be Us” in my mind lol. Not to mention his cologne was on 200 for real that man smelled like heaven. The humility of this dude was incredible because you never know how people in the industry are really in person. He’s about his craft and his latest mixtape reflects the passion and pain of the man behind the music. His raw lyrics are drenching with real life street dreams to kingdom take overs to bring back core rap to New York. KOB3 is bringing NY rap style back to a Biggie “Ready to Die” or Jay-Z “Reasonable Doubt” type of album days dashed with interludes, collaborations, and beats that go so hard you can’t deny the depth of this project.  Intro to end this mixtape can be played, now how many artists especially rappers can you say that about today? Exactly, hopefully the “real ones” will come out with lyrical content like this because this is music for those locked down from their families, those struggling in the streets day to day, and those out there ready to release their rap flows to the World. A tale of how a man has grown from the concrete of Bed Stuy Brooklyn to become an internationally appreciated artist. Not letting go of his past but embracing the experiences as life lessons towards purpose. We all have a story filled with past regrets or pain but it is all about how you move forward.  It got real when I saw the scare on his face that I’ve only seen online thru pictures or interviews, the drive in his eyes in person, and to see through it all he had that smile, I knew I was in the presence of a genuine grown man not just a celebrity rapper.

Now for the hot exclusive interview this is how it all went down.

We are now post KOB3 what can we expect next from you single and video wise?

Maino: You can expect “Imma Go Harder Than Them” and “PNP Problems” videos to drop soon. But I have other projects I’m working on that are not music related. I have a television project I’m developing but I don’t wanna talk about that too much but I’m not staring in it but more on the creativity side.

What is the status of Hustle Hard Entertainment?

Maino: We had to go through an infrastructure and let some people go in order to move forward. It feels good to reconnect with connections I had when I had a mainstream record like this one (All the Above was playing in the background) out so we are just trying to get back out there.

What does Maino like to do for fun in his down time?

Maino: I love to chill with my family and homies like sitting on the couch eating ice cream, he laughed. I’m just a regular dude to be real with you.

Now as bad as I wanted to ask this man when we can eat ice cream on his couch I kept my composure to say the least.  The humility he showed was a testament to how he’s become one the most respected “street rappers” out there.  I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities in the past 3 years but this by far was the most real experience that no matter how known I become I’ll humbly remember this day. The King of Brooklyn has so much more in store for us to see and the range of his creative works are in motion.  Make sure you follow him on @mainohustlehard on Instagram for all updates on his music and upcoming events.

Coming soon on here is my personal KOB3 Mixtape Review.

As always ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog

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