DJ Spotlight Series: DJ Wade Banner: The Man Behind the Turntable!

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Today's DJ spotlight goes to the phenomenal Mr.  DJ Wade Banner! You may know him from the hottest Hip Hop radio station in the Triangle K 97.5 Drive at 5 or from the social media "We Break Records" powerhouse Mp3waxx. Then again it could be from the Raleigh nightlife scene because you name the club he's there bringing you the club banger mixes you love! His name reigns supreme as one the most talented DJs in NC holding the title as "Carolina DJ of the Year" whose stretching his brand nationwide. It was truly an inspiring experience to talk with him about his journey. So who is the man behind the turntable?

This is how it all went down....

How long have you been a professional Dj?

Banner: "I've been on the radio for the past 7 years so since 2008."

What brought you into radio?

Banner: "I use to rap and even as a child I knew I wanted to do entertainment in some type of way. When I got to college I took a job at the college radio station so I could play my own music really.  But then I've always had a strong work ethic. So when I was recommended for the job because outworked everyone else I realized this is what I really want to do."

How has it been to transition from college radio to a huge conglomerate like Radio One?

Banner: "The biggest difference is the freedom because while in college they allow you to do pretty much what you want. I'm the type I like to break the rules so in college there are no real consequences but when you get to this level and break the rules there are consequences."

Besides K97.5, what other projects do you have? 

Banner: "I do so many projects that sometimes its even hard for me to keep up with it myself. I do pretty much all the clubs in the city for the most part and I'm over with Brian Dawson at Solas on Fridays, Starbar, or Phantom just depends on the night. If they got a check I'm there! I do corporate events, parties, proms, weddings, and the EOG Tour to tell kids to be who they are because that's where your success comes from. We have the "Turkey Drive" coming up soon and I have a charity basketball game so I do all types of events. Plus, I have my own cleaning business as well."

"I grew up being taught to be an entrepreneur and there are several businesses I haven't even begun that I will be starting over the next year."

What's in your personal playlist?

Banner: "Funny thing is I'm extremely well-versed and sometimes I really like to trap it out so I listen to Future, The Game I think his album is amazing to me, and then I like Chris Brown his song "Zero" . So I really like all kinds and I was listening to old school R&B slow jams music yesterday."

"I come from the hood so I can be ratchet at times. I went to a predominately White high school. Born in Colorado Springs first 3 years of my life I was in the Bronx that's where my family is, but I was raised in Durham. I went to Jordan High School and NCCU for college but I gotta show love to the Aggies because I was there for a short time."

When do you have downtime and what do you like to do? 

Banner:" Funny thing is I always have downtime but then I don't because I'm the type that I've worked myself so hard that my body was breaking down. When I chill I like to watch Netflix or play video games. I'm really a boring person, where other people like to turn up in the club, when I'm in the club I'm working getting a check."

Do you tour or travel Dj?

I dj for Pooh Bear and I have some potential major artists that I'm working on.

Tell people about your affiliation with Mp3Waxx?

Side note...I had to say something about my rapper crush bae being affiliated with them as well. lol. Carry on...

Banner:" I've been a fan of Maino even before I was on the radio . I never thought I would meet him but Maino shows so much love he's very humble and down to earth. They take artists and basically connect them with djs all over the country so I got my own group of djs down to Charlotte and Fayetteville. So I've meet some djs out of Virginia, Atlanta, DC, LA and just meeting djs everywhere. What's dope about Mp3Waxx is they are not into just the money, but there may be a check involved, their goal is to break records. I know if they send me a record its going to be quality. He has respect for the djs and the artists so they just really move with that mindset. I'm not trying to use you but this is for all of us to improve together. It's really missing in an industry like this because people don't really rock with each other. To connect you with real people because everyday I come across fake people because sometimes I be stressed and it feels good to connect with someone real. I've been with them honestly close to a year. He already knew my program director from Miami so its been major moves for me."

Any words of inspiration for those interested becoming a mainstream dj?

Banner: "At the end of the day your independence is going to put you in certain situations. It's hard to come up to a company like Radio One to take you without anything to show. For them its business even though this is our passion and we love it for them its all business. People that we want to put us on may not look like us so they have to understand why you're an asset and not a liability. Never give up and have thick skin b/c you will hear "no" all the time or that you can't do it. What's funny is this is a very negative industry but the more you stay positive within yourself you can make anything happen because nobody can beat God."

Dj Wade Banner is a visionary of perplex levels taking his childhood ambitions to mainstream media. His story is a teachable moment of how anything is possible with strong working principles, dedication, ambition to dare to be different,and most of all faith in God! Setting a tone of excellence and a driving force of entrepreneurship to create longevity is evident when it comes to his brand. There is nothing more refreshing than meeting someone so successful that is genuinely humble. He's been one of my favorite DJs but after our interview I knew I was in the presence of a real grown man! Much love to Dj Wade Banner and as a community we should support his efforts!

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Well ladies and gentleman there you have it another hot exclusive dj spotlight to get us through the week! Stay tuned each day for a new posting of your favorite DJs and until next time this is The Lux Blog NC!

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