DJ Spotlight Series: Most Wanted Radio: WAUG: Power 750 AM

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You asked and now I'm delivering! This week will be a series of the Triangle's hottest DJs so you can get a behind the scenes view of the men and women of your favorite radio shows! To kick-start the week I had to show so much love to St. Augustine University's radio show "Most Wanted Radio" on WAUG: Power 750AM! Not only are they very talented with insightful perspectives on hip hop and the cultural movement but they invited me to be there "Woman Crush Wednesday" night ! I had a great time getting to chat with them and be live on air answering their questions about the state of hip hop today. So here's how it went down....

I was greeted with lots of love from the "Most Wanted Radio" Crew. The crew consists of Issa, Quan Vuitton, and KyngJulio plus they had their fab photographer Kina make sure you follow her on IG @flawless_kina for her upcoming hostings. Every Wednesday they feature a new woman crush to come thru which I thought was pretty dope that they thought of me. Mind you I haven't been an undergrad student in many years lol but it was creatively refreshing to discuss the nature of Hip Hop today vs. years past.

I even discussed my Top 3 Hip Hop Favorites which coming in at #3 was Mr. Ovo himself Drake. I know your probably shocked but you gotta remember I'm 34 so I can sometimes have a jaded perspective b/c I'm smack in the middle of the Biggie/Tupac generation and the Drake movement. "A Night Off" is still one of my favorite Drake songs and if you're a true Drake fan I don't even have to tell you which album that was on ....or was it a mixtape? Exactly. Fact is Drake is on top right now whether he has a ghostwriter or not. I'm just saying. So #2 I was on my women's empowerment movement for Ms. Nicki Minaj. I've danced and reminisced to many of her songs plus I love her perfume. So she gets my #2 spot because I admire her brand and she has taken her rap career to a new level by becoming a branding goddess in major retail. Now my number one spot was tough because they wanted an old school and a current rapper. You know I had to give it to my rapper crush bae Maino (love KOB3 mixtape) and Future! I think Future has a place in Hip Hop and he brings a new sound that's so unique he's just like his name futuristic. I was asked about my opinion of why some traditional hip hop fans have an issue with the trap music generation? Personally, I feel hip hop like it always has been is just evolving. Fans of Sugar Hill Gang did not understand the Biggie, Tupac, Jay-z, NWA, Dre. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Bad Boy, Murder Inc. , No Limit, or Cash Money waves of music. But evolution will occur in life as well as music. I enjoy some trap music like, Trap Soul by Bryson Tiller,  just like I enjoy other genres of music. The beauty of this music genre is there is room for everyone to make great music and even those not so great. Either way there is plenty of space on the stage for the next record breaker!

I appreciate the grind of Issa for setting the platform for great conversation that night. Quan Vuitton kept the music flowing and introduced me to some new music that I will be adding to my Spotify! Kyng Julio let the listeners know the dynamics of my blog and I enjoyed discussing the importance of a lifestyle blog being in Raleigh/Durham. So many times our cities are overshadowed by Charlotte that's why I was excited to bring forth the beauty of the Triangle. It was a great experience and to know these young, educated, college-bred men are working towards careers in media is worthy of appreciation. Check below the other levels of these change agents at SAU!

P.S. Eagle Pride , sorry you know I'm an Eagle I had to say it, lol back to below.

Issa is a co-host and sports writer for The Falcon Forum holding the title as the First Mr. Falcon Forum. Make sure you follow him @only_1_eiche on IG for all types of commentary that goes on at "Most Wanted Radio".

Quan Vuitton is the mix mastermind that doses us with new rhythms. Like his co-host counterpart, Issa, he holds a title as Mr. Media & Communications and he's using his platform to improve his university community. Follow him at @quanvuitton on IG.

KyngJulio is the visionary co-host with Pretty Boy Swag delivering original content to "Most Wanted Radio". A member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, INC. with aspirations of next levels in media. Make sure you follow him @kyngjulio on IG.

As you can see we are kicking off this week in a great way taking to the universities. I'm so proud of the "Most Wanted Radio" show because they are setting a tone for their university as the only show of this nature.

Make sure you download the Tune In App for WAUG or listen on  every Mon-Wed-Fri from 9-10pm for the hottest hip hop college radio show in the Triangle!

I look forward to the next time and as you know ladies & gentleman this is The Lux Blog NC.

K. Knight