Radio Personality Spotlight: Mir.I.Am!

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I know its been awhile but hey when your in graduate school life can get real so quickly! LOL. So I'm back bringing you more entertaining interviews with the Triangle's Hottest Djs and Radio Personalities! Today's spotlight goes out to none other than the entertaining Ms. Mir.I.Am. Her persona as a logical trendsetting radio goddess infused with masterminding truth serum for her listeners has taken her to mainstream media . A North Carolina State University Alum and graduate member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc the levels to Mir.I.Am are endless. It was indeed a pleasure chatting with Mir.I.Am to explore her journey to commercial radio and her big project of bringing "Real RNB Radio" back for millennials!

So here's how it all went down.....

Why did you decide to become a radio personality?

Mir.I.Am: Well I like to talk "shit" lol no seriously I've always liked to talk to people and since I've gotten really into radio so its kind of changed a little bit since I have this platform now to reach such a wide audience. I get to use my platform to connect other people and just have fun life's too short not to have fun.

How was the transition like coming into commercial radio from WKNC college station? 

Mir.I.Am: Well it started at WKNC they asked us to choose a radio name and I chose Mir.I.Am because my name is Miriam so I just broke it up. I think I was listening to Black Eyed Peas at that time and I liked how Will.I.Am spelled his name. But now I have my own radio show called "Real RNB Radio" at WKNC which I have total control over. I've branded the name, the logo, the website, to what's played, and here its at K 97.5 its commercial radio station so things are set in place because it is a business so there are certain restrictions of things you play and say. So its given me more structure and skills on by coming to K 97.5 but a lot of the skills I learned at WKNC  I'm able to utilize here. 

Now that you have your own radio show at WKNC 88.1 FM. Tell us about your show.

Mir.I.Am: It's called "Real RnB Radio" and it will feature 90s-2000s R&B music with a Live mix by DJ RNB during the show that keeps energy up and going. I have 3 co-hosts whom are Latoya J. Jackson of MTV's "The Real World" St. Thomas Season 25 @latoyajmtv, Staphon @staphonl, and Mic Geniuz @micgeniuz so our panel is diverse.


How has being on commercial radio increased your skill set? 

Mir.I.Am: Its given me structure and its really shown me how radio really works for the best results. This shows you how to get your best ratings and advertising even though there are certain restrictions its done for a reason which makes sense. I definitely have learned to maximize the experiences I've learned at WKNC but bring it into here at K 97.5.


What upcoming projects can we expect in the near future? 

Mir.I.Am: Yes, I'm working on my website right now. I will also have an official launch of "Real RNB Radio" in December so that's forthcoming as well. Plus, there are events, concerts, and programs coming up I will be apart of with K 97.5.

What community service projects have you participated in for the station?

Mir.I.Am: The turkey drive with Brian Dawson @iambriandawson where we have done stops at local Kroger stores and more details are coming soon about our holiday toy drive. We did the breast cancer awareness event at Hooters called a "Tip a Jock" that went well and we do back to school drives also.

So what do you like to do in your down time?

Mir.I.Am: Chill, just chill, no really I'm learning how to Dj right now and I recently just went through a life-changing event of leaving my full-time job to pursue radio full-time. I'm trying to learn how to be a photographer as well as Dj. I just bought my Dj equipment so I've been shadowing DJ Stylus for the last 3-4 weeks and Dj Wade Banner @wadebanner. I've just been reading how to be more diverse in radio such as graphic design, photography, and Djing so that's pretty much what I do. I just try to learn and add different things to my repertoire.

Any words of inspiration for students or people interested in radio?

Mir.I.Am: Its funny because so many people reach out to me for mentoring including friends that I didn't even know had an interest in radio. So I would tell people to never give up on your dreams. Don't get discouraged because one opportunity did not work out it may just be God's way of holding you back from something better that He has for you. Be persistent, never give up, and go the unusual route to get attention.I got hired here because I stalked program directors and its very hard to get into radio especially if you don't have experience. Always look for experience, research program directors at stations your interested in, apply correctly online through the websites, and I submitted my resume, cover letter, and Air Check. A program director may here something in your voice that's unique so make sure you submit to them. Make sure you plant seeds even though it may seem impossible God is working it out on the back end. Intern!

Ladies & Gentleman that is Mir.I.Am one of the Triangle's hottest radio personalities and she's using her platform to make great strides in her community. We can all take a page from the book of Mir.I.Am by remaining focused on our goals and to pursue them to the end. In this age of social media her story shows us its not about you who is following you but who your following. So remain faithful and trust the process! Until next time this is The Lux Blog !

K. Knight


You have a huge brand behind you that's the #1 Hip Hop Station in the Triangle so that takes you to another level and platform- Mir.I.Am