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Dennis White (1) Hello Luvs!

What a busy season it has been but I have a fabulous new blog post for you about acclaimed actor Mr. Dennis L.A. White! Familiar projects of his are The Parenthood, The Brave One, Notorious, and Law & Order. I had the pleasure during my travels to Fayetteville, North Carolina to chat with this amazingly talented man. As an actor, father, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Hip Hop enthusiast, and the list goes on as you will see this interview is going to be fun. He's been able to stay humbly grounded in the midst of his noteworthy celebrity life. I met Dennis briefly at "Maino's Meet & Greet" a few weeks back as you may remember my blog post about him. We cleared up our "beef" lol because due to being somewhat starstruck I totally did not get one picture with Dennis that night. Now its great to catch back up with Dennis whose such a genuinely kind person. I won't keep you waiting any longer. By the way Notorious B.I.G. is in his Top 5 of All Time Hip Hop Rappers.

So here's how it all went down.....

What projects have you been working on the past few months?

Dennis: I just completed 2 films, a movie called "The Witness Protection Plan" that I shot in Florida and its about an R&B artist that supposedly gets murdered by her record executive but goes under face reconstruction then comes back as a different person. "Secrets" is the other movie which is gonna be crazy we shot that one in DC with a really cool cast. Its based off a book called, "Secrets of a Housewife" which was a real big seller. I can't wait for it to come out it has so many twists and turns in it. I produced a segment for FanDuel with Fitness Gurus called The Hodge Twins at the Playboy Mansion. I have an artist I'm working with called Anthymn Brown, @anthymn_nation on IG, he's a singer, and he's an amazing 18 year old kid so I'm managing him. He's based out of Fayetteville and its alot of talent here.

Do you prefer being in the acting seat or director's chair?

Dennis: I enjoy it all. I feel like I'm an actor that directs and friends of mine have said you should direct. I think its because I see the whole spectrum of it. I think as an actor you have to expand. It just gives you a better feel of the game and I think my evolution is directing. I love it.

I know you mentioned managing an artist. How has that process been?

Dennis: My mother's a music teacher so I met him through her. I wasn't into managing at first. However, they wanted him to be on Sunday's Best but he was too young at the time and major producers were reaching out to him so he asked if I could help. I believe and trust him because I believe he's that "next guy".


What has been one of your most trying and triumphant moments as an actor?

Dennis: The easy work is acting and being on camera that's the easy work but not diminishing the talent or hard work it takes. However, the opporunity to secure and book auditions, being great on the callback, being on hold waiting for a project, and knowing that it's not personal can be difficult. I tell my students that the entertainment business is so very much personal and then so impersonal. Its personal because you can be too tall, short, light, ugly, fat or impersonal your too dark, pretty, tall, ugly. You have to understand the only thing you can control is your talent. The only time we get frustrated as actors is when we don't do well in our auditions but if we killed it in the audition then we are at peace with that even if we don't get the role. I had an audition one time for a hosting position when I lived in New York and I knew my stuff but my acting coach was one of the casting directors so that totally thru me off. So I begged for a callback and because of the relationship I had with the people I got to come back. I killed it but I didn't get the role however I was at peace with it.

What is the key to longevity in entertainment business? 

Dennis: To keep working and build strong relationships. The relationships aspect has a lot to do with it because you can be talented but if people don't like or respect you they will not refer you for jobs. I've had so many people refer me for jobs based on good experiences with me. The industry at times can have you act as a Diva or Devo so you have to block that out. Jodie Foster was so great and Angela Bassette was amazing she was the first one on set. It makes me want to work harder to be on that status.


The turning point in my acting career was working with Jodie Foster because of her focus. I watched her to see that she was so centered so each time she brought it. So I learned that's what sets her apart and she gave me a great stamp of approval. - Dennis L.A. White


What an inspiring interview to see how hard work, dedication, and daring to dream methods can take you to infinite possibilities. The fact that we could connect on this level just shows how he supports people like myself that are daring to be different. Make sure you stay connected on all of his social media listed above and support his upcoming projects! Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog!

K. Knight