DJ Spotlight Series: DJ Jus Right

DJ Happy Friday Night Luvs!

As you know I've been meeting & greeting with some of your favorite DJs and radio personalities the past few weeks! Its been a wonderful experience and next in my series is Brooklyn born DJ Jus Right! His story about becoming one of the highly requested DJs in the Triangle has made him a professional career with limitless possibilities.

So here's how it all went down......

How did you get your start in becoming a DJ?

DJ Jus Right: I've always been a lover of music so I was doing beats before I started DJing. At the time my daughter was 2 years old and I found a program online for mixing music. Because of her age at the time I had to play something that would make her tired. So it kind of started there.

What was your first professional DJ job? 

DJ Jus Right:  I actually just had the reunion with Crucial Fire, the reggae band, and I asked them if I could do one of their intermissions. I got the gig and they were about to introduce me as DJ Jus One but then my man said "Nah he's DJ Jus Right" and it just came about that one night. However, many people think I'm affiliated with Jus Once Band but my manager had events where we were both there so for the past 5-6 years we've done events together.

How is the creative process of creating mixes for you? 

DJ Jus Right: I usually go through the latest acapella music, instrumentals, and then I go through like 2,000 acapella to see what sounds right. So I have to make sure the songs and music goes together. Its so much music put out now at the same time to the point they almost waist music. But even though you only charge for 4 hours we end up working 8 hours trying to put together mixes.

Are you a travel DJ or mostly in the Triangle Area?

DJ Jus Right: I have done some travel DJing but now I stay in the Triangle area. So I was with a promotional company called Lyricist Lounge and we were running around different states. We had 2-3 albums in the stores and a T show on MTV. This was when I was younger but most DJs started in high school. However, for me I was older when I started out.

How do you find balance between family, career, and DJing? 

DJ Jus Right: Well you have to have a well-rounded good girl with you that can hold you down while your doing this. She's very appreciative of what I do. So my girls and family are my motivation.

Upcoming Projects? 

DJ Jus Right: My next goal is to be on the radio and to travel out of the state more.  Also, checkout out my Sound Cloud for new mixes as well.

What do you like to do in your downtime? 

DJ Jus Right: I like to just chill. I'm 34 now I had my time running around the city so now its about my girls. Being down here in the South its nice to just to chill.

I offer DJ services for all types of events and you can contact me at On Facebook at DJ Jus Right Page! Checkout his mixes on

It takes sacrifice and dedication to master your craft in life. Many of us go a lifetime seeking a way to use our gifts when reality is all we had to do was step out on faith. DJ Jus Right shows us with his story that its never too late to embrace the crafts you are gifted. His gifts have expanded his career in entertainment to provide for his family and the love he has for them is evident in his artistic expression.  Ladies & Gentleman until next time this is The Lux Blog!

K. Knight