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I hope each of you had an amazing Christmas holiday with those near and dear to you! So being the week after Christmas I really wanted to highlight local businesses here in the Triangle! The best deals and previews of new products are released during this week nationwide. So with that being said I had to go to one of the most well-known and successful clothing stores in the Triangle, CAPS Urbanwear. A business partnership between brothers with Greensboro and Raleigh locations serving dope style and fashion for men. I had the pleasure of interviewing the Raleigh location's owner Currin "Caps" Speight and we discussed the success of an 8 year old business that's benefiting not only him but his community.

Here's how it all went down......


How did the concept of opening an urban menswear store happen for you?

Currin: "We were trying to find a way to get out of the streets and when we were in high school we always wore caps all the time. I remember we were all in the studio one time, we was trying rapping, and one of our friends said we should sell hats we all wearing one right now. So the vision came from that."

Why did you decide to open the Raleigh location in the Rock Quarry Road area? 

Currin: "Well its prime real estate over here and this community is my demographic so I wanted to be near my people. They did change out all the signs here in the new section and the situation was great. I looked at other places but the rent was so high but when I came out here someone was here already but they were no longer using this location anymore. So once I moved in after the first 2 years I did the floors in the back but I'm going to do a relaunch soon once I remodel.

What was your greatest triumph and hardest trial? 

Currin: "Getting the doors open was definitely the triumph but trial would be time with your family. Because when I first opened I worked 363 Days a year with being closed only on Thanksgiving and Mother's Day. That's all I can say because I can't afford to have big trials."

We see in Hip Hop culture how people take what they've learned in the streets into business. What would you say are the principles you've learned from back then that you've applied to your business now?

Currin: "Where I'm from your working 24/7 so for me that part of it was easy for me to be here because I already did that. But just knowing that you have to do everything to make your business work is tough. When your in the streets you can't promote what you do but in business you can tell everyone what you do so  I love that aspect about that."

Where do you see the business going for 2016?

Currin: "I want to open up my genre of people because when people see urbanwear that think Black only but there is no such thing as urban anymore. I just want to open my horizons to other people and take the online site to another level. I want to build up the brand itself. If I go out of town I know about locations in other cities like Miami and I want the same brand for my store. When celebrities come to Raleigh/Durham they should want to come here. I've had videos done here, artists come by, and I love fashion. I love my people.


Principles of hard work, dedication, consistency, and trial & error have been the tools of CAPS Urbanwear. Its not about where you are from its how you take those life lessons and apply them to your life. Currin "Caps" Speight is a prime example of how perseverance, family, and business are legacy foundations. Shopping local not only benefits the owners but the community as well to promote economic growth. If we continue to support one another the less time we will have to worry about who is more successful. The fact is there is plenty of room at the top for us all and I hope this interview inspired you to pursue that business that you've been sitting on.

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