New Spot Alert: Will's Social Bistro & Lounge

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One of the main reasons I really love Raleigh/Durham Area is because its full of culture and hidden treasures of entertainment. One of the Triangle's newest hot spots is Will's Social Bistro & Lounge. A modernistic acoustic filled social lounge infused with live music, fine cuisine, and ambiance for professionals. Housed in Research Triangle Park (RTP) Area its diverse menu, flavorful cocktails, and grooving sounds make it the hottest spot in town for your next night out! So of course your favorite blog had to tell you all about this fabulous place so your next outing will lead to Will's Social Bistro & Lounge!

Here's an exclusive interview with owner Will Knight, maybe a cousin who knows, lol. But here's how it all went down.....

So what brought you here to Raleigh/Durham Area?

W. Knight: My job relocated me here about 5 or 6 years ago but I use to travel a lot. So I would come here at least once a month but I never thought I would be living here. I liked the area and when they offered me a position here I decided to take the chance to move to North Carolina".

When did you open up Will's Social Bistro & Lounge?

W. Knight: "I actually opened up in August but I haven't had an official grand opening because it was so many people that wanted to do stuff here once they found out I was here. First, I started doing birthday parties and events so I had to really scale back to have a grand opening".

Where did the inspiration come from to open this type of business?

W. Knight: " I traveled a lot with work so I go to Atlanta and DC and I'm from Texas so the nightlife scene is so much more there. I felt it was lacking here and I don't go out much but when I do I want to enjoy myself, have a good time, but every time I would go out I would feel disappointed. So driving to downtown Raleigh is like a road trip and then every time I go down there its something always happening. I just didn't feel like there was a place I could go and say "yeah that's my spot".

So what would you like people in the community to know about Will's Social Bistro & Lounge? 

W. Knight: "I want to bring diversity as far as offering a place where everyone feels welcomed. Just because its Black owned does not mean its only for Black people. I want to be the bridge that guides the gap between cultures. As the only Black person in my office I'm learning to take down that wall and be open to various cultures here. North Carolina has somebody from everywhere and I wanted to offer a place for people not interested in clubs anymore too. I want this to be a social networking place and be that place to go to with a standard but does not make you feel unwelcome".

What events do you have coming up? 

W. Knight: "We do offer a Sunday Brunch with a live jazz band, once a month a comedy show, open mic weekly with a live band, First Friday events, and First Saturdays for upscale casual events. December 31st we will have our official ribbon cutting at the NYE Black Tie Day Party event hosted by MTV's Darren Brand followed by an official NYE Party that night".

Will's Social Bistro & Lounge is a not only a new restaurant but an experience. I had the pleasure of sampling the foods pictured above and they were all absolutely delicious. Make sure you try the infamous "shrimp & grits" and "red velvet waffle". Will Knight is an entrepreneur's dream come true from taking a visionary thought into a full scale business. It shows we are only steps away from our dreams coming true if we simply believe, remain dedicated, and most of all never stop dreaming.

The hottest spot in town is waiting on you! I'm going Saturday night so meet me at Will's Social Bistro & Lounge! Let's support our community!

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog!

K. Knight

I was watching Oprah, don't laugh at me, and she talked about how to find your dreams and inspiration. I love great music, great food, nice ambiance, and you know what my next business plan will be a lounge bistro so I put it on paper to become reality. - Will Knight