NYC Stand Up: Queen's Aye Money is Here!

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Happy New Year's Eve Luvs!

The New Year is almost here and with 2016 literally around the corner I figured this would be a good time to introduce you to some new music. New York City has birthed many legendary rappers in the Hip Hop game from the old school of KRS-One to Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Papoose, Remy Ma, Maino, Nicki Minaj, 2 Milly, and the list goes on. But now its a new generation of hip hop warriors coming in the game ready to let their voice be heard. One artist that has made a great name for himself crowned as Hot 97's Who's Next Artist is none other than rapper Aye Money. So I got a chance to chat with the Queen's lyricist about his new project Lift Off and below I have posted some of his music for you to check out.

Here's how it all went down.....

How do you feel about the state of Hip Hop today?

Aye Money: "I feel like there is a lot of talented artists out here ready to be heard. NYC has been known for great MC's and its just now time for new artists. Its my time now."

How do you find balance between being a father and an artist?

Aye Money: "I always make time as a father because you have to make time for what's important to you. I love being a father and creatively it helps me go harder."

What can hip hop lovers expect to hear from the Lift Off project? 

Aye Money: "That's a good question. They can expect to hear real street lyrics and beats going hard so its a definite New York sound but my flows are telling a story about what its really like out here."

The Lift Off mixtape will be dropping soon so stay tuned for release dates!

Aye Money is apart of a fresh new wave of talent flowing through the streets of NYC. The beauty of hip hop is that there is room at the top for everyone and no other genre of music has made conscious change, entertained, or influenced to this capacity in my opinion. As a fellow hip hop enthusiast I was elated to see artists like Aye Money rising up in NYC. So as we get ready to take in the new year let's be all remember to be safe and support artists in our city!

His latest single is called "Queens" Featuring DJ Self so take a listen!