Artist On The Rise: Nance

Happy Friday Luvs!
Twitter: @CNancer     Instragram: @CNANCER
The first week back on the grind after the new year and the weekend is insight for us all ! As you know I love all genres of music and when I listened to Nance for the first time I was excited not only because he's from NC but because his lyrical content was refreshing. Nance is a poetic lyricist with a unique sound of his own. His brand expands beyond his music into his love for fashion. The owner of Nance and Company Clothing merchandising brand  Nance features custom styles for a great cause! I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to this amazing artist and entrepreneur about music, style, fashion, and what's next for him in 2016.

Here's how it all went down........

When did you decide to pursue music professionally as a rapper?

Nance: "It was kind of an organic process for me because I've always loved music and I started very young writing. I wanted to make great music and talk about my experiences in my life. So shortly after high school I really started pursuing it as a career and performing."

Who in Hip Hop would you consider influences that you listen to?

Nance: "Wow that's a good question there have been so many but definitely Kanye West and Drake are up there because I love their lyrical flows but also how they are branded in other things like fashion."

Speaking of fashion tell me about your clothing line and how did it come to be

Nance: "I love fashion and I decided why not have my own brand out there. I partnered with an organization called "For Those" based out of Charlotte and we put together this great concept of having merchandise. I have hoodies, t-shirts, and lots of other things like bumper stickers. I do plan on expanding it in the future."

"For Those" is a non-profit organization benefiting children diagnosed with congential heart diseases and you can learn more information about them at and follow them on Instagram @forthose_supplyco

What would you like readers to know about you as an artist?

Nance:  "Honestly, this might sound cliché but when it comes to my music I'm just being myself.  I rather have people listen to my music and see what they get out of it instead of me telling them who I am as an artist.. Or what my music means.  Everyone's different.  My songs might touch them in a different way than they touch me.. Or the next person.  So.. If you are reading this make sure you check out what I have to offer.  I'm thankful for every listener."

Any upcoming projects for 2016?

Nance: "As of right now I'm gearing up to release a new EP the first quarter of this year.  I haven't announced the release date yet but I have released one of the singles on the EP.  It's called "Feelings".You can hear it at "

Make sure you check out his first EP "Thanks for Having Me" an ode to his fans for supporting his journey! Nance has proven that when it comes to music its a universal language especially in hip hop because its all about being your authentic self according to hip hop enthusiasts like myself. We all have a story to tell and sometimes in the hip hop game the same stories are told over and over. The best part about writing blogs like this is you get to see the traces of hip hop all over NC. I love how each interview keeps showing how much home-grown talent is here. We can all take a great lesson from Nance's story about how to remain humble with your fans and how giving back only plants seeds of goodness when you just be you!

Until next time ladies and gentlemen this is The Lux Blog! K. Knight