Nikki Nikole : She Who Rocks The Mic

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I'm having a blast meeting all of North Carolina's hottest Djs and radio personalities! So you know I had to interview Foxy 99's newest addition Nikki Nikole! Many of you may remember her from The Triangle's K 97.5 station but she's now at Foxy 99: The Big Stick. Her story is one to inspire and I can't wait to share with you below her testimony. Dropping over nuggets of knowledge each time I speak with her is what keeps me inspired as well. She's one of mentors that's for sure and now I get to share exclusive interview with you about her many talents.

So here's how it all went down.....

How did you get your start into radio?

Nikki Nikole: "I was a student at Winston-Salem University and then my junior year I was in Communications but I didn't really want to be in Communications I actually wanted to be a dance choreographer. I didn't get accepted to the school I originally wanted to go to and my mother said she would not pay for me to go to dance school. So I ended up going to Winston-Salem State University majoring in Communications. Then my professor said I needed an internship so I was thinking where will I be able to get an internship? But luckily I had a cousin in television in Roanoke, VA so that's where it started I went to Virginia . So at first I was checking my boss's email so one of the radio personalities walked by and said to me no your an intern you need to learn. So he showed me how to do commercials. How to do commericials, voice them, and I started really liking it. Then after working the summer doing concerts and events I came back to WSSU and got another internship at 102 Jamz. So they were the ones to give me my first part-time job.

How was the transition from an internship into commercial radio?

Nikki Nikole: "It was kind of the same because I worked really hard as an intern, like super hard, in Roanoke it was cool because they gave me a key so I can come and go as I please. It was a Summer internship so I had no classes it was great. When it came to 102 Jamz the same thing I was a senior and I would intern all day long. I would go in like 11am in the morning and leave at midnight. It really helped me because I started being noticed by the Program Director and General Managers so that's kind of how I got on air. I was working all the time so Wiley Coyote he would see me during his night show so he said why don't you come in and do my celebrity news. So the internship really helped and I always encourage students to get multiply internships that's one thing I regret. I was at 102 Jamz about 8 months before they hired me.

What are the levels or skill sets you need to do commercial radio?

Nikki Nikole: "Getting into radio you want to make yourself available in every department. You want to do on-air promotions, production, or sales. Just try it out I found sales was not for me because I don't like to sell to people. Promotions was cool and fun but production was really my whole goal. You have to come in with an idea of what you want to do. So when I came in my first internship I said I want to do production, I want to be a production manager, do commercials that's all I want to do. I was actually pushed on-air I didn't really want to be on-air. People just see the glitz and the glam looking cute but its alot of work to get in radio. I always tell people that work with me become an asset not a liability. When your an asset to company and you leave for a week that's serious so that's how you should be at any job especially radio. The first step is being willing to be a board operator because you got syndicated shows like Russ Par, Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner that are all run by a board. So if your down to be a board op and wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning then they love that. So that will start you getting time on air for weekends or when someone calls out sick."

What is it like as a radio personality doing community work? 

Nikki Nikole: "Community work is probably the best part because that's the part i love the most. Being out in the community and people say "oh my God I listen to you on the radio". It really didn't hit me until i had my first full-time job. I was on the air doing nights in New Bern and lady called all the time saying her daughter wanted to meet me. Her daughter wrote this long letter to me and her name her is Raven. I still have the letter but all she wanted for her birthday was to meet me. So for her birthday I got her to come to the station and let her get on the air with me. It means so much like doing causes like Breast Cancer or help non-profits have a voice as well.

The Big Stick is known for its big tower reaching as far as South Carolina.

- Nikki Nikole

Where do you see Nikki Nikole the brand going next?

Nikki Nikole: "My biggest venture is with my husband. When I quit my job at K 97.5 I was going through a spiritual transition of not wanting to be on the radio because I saw how people were being treated. I saw things that of course listeners don't see behind the scenes and I felt like I had a bigger purpose. I just walked in one day and quit putting in my 2 weeks notice. When I quit I had this idea that people will call I've been doing parties for so long but within 2 years nobody called me. So it was kind of a humbling experience to see how people responded and people would say I love how your stepping out on faith but no one needed Nikki Nikole anymore. So that was time for me to find out who I was and my purpose because I realized I was more than just doing radio. So me and my husband, whose an independent artist, he actually sold like a quarter of a million Cds out of the trunk of his car with no label or backing. So when we met that's what he was doing so when I quit my job I said I want to go on the road with you. He said,"so what are you going to push because I got my music". I said I don't know because I want to do something positive so I created a television show called Dreamers Only so we bought a camera and learned how to edit and shot within a few weeks. We traveled for 2 years we went to Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, and LA one time. So we just packed up our crib and got in the car to hit the road for two years. We ended up in Atlanta to help a friend who had a business. So after that we decided to come back home and I knew that Tapp was the Program Director here I worked for him at 102 where he hired me 10 years ago. So I got back into radio part-time and my husband started back his music again. He wrote a book so we were selling that, television show, music, and so now his project is called Why Stop Now. The 5 song EP is  and we are trying to gain momentum to give a t-shirt to a homeless at-risk youth."

I do voice overs for several stations so I contract myself out to do voice overs. My goal is do 20 stations before the end of 2016. - Nikki Nikole 20151205_133344

Nikki Nikole has shown us the value in being a student of your craft. She has taken her talents in radio to new heights led now by her spiritual growth not just her skill set. She's a brand all of her own with over a decade worth of experience in radio. Nowadays in the age of internet radio and blog talk stations its refreshing to hear her voice over our air waves. No matter your dreams always be willing to strive for the best.

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