Bou'Jae: It's not just Vodka it's a Lifestyle

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Happy Tuesday Luvs!

Turn up on a Tuesday! I had to showcase this inspiring entrepreneur Stephania and her business of premium 100% organic vodka Bou'Jae!  Its the first of the year so we are all a little more health conscious so why not drink organic as well! She's from Jacksonville, NC, a mother, and now entrepreneur who shares her story of creating her own vodka, life as a single mother of a child with autism, and how she balances in the midst. A conversation with girlfriends that has now become an authentic brand that stands on its on as a health conscious organic premium vodka. So I got a chance to chat with her about her business, family, and her upcoming launch event!

Here's how it all went down.............

Where did your inspiration come from to create your own vodka?

Stephania: "The inspiration came started with my friends that would actually miss a meal to count calories so they could have alcohol later. So I wondered why don't somebody make something more health conscious?  Then I decided to create my own. My son is autistic and his doctor said I should give him a gluten-free diet to adjust his hyper-activity. So by adjusting his diet to gluten-free I was eating gluten-free. My intentions were for a gluten-free and low calorie alcohol which is what I told the distilleries when they were making it. So they said you might as well have it organic take out the GMOs and make it allergen free."

When I initially was going to make the drink I wanted to do tequila but most people drink vodka its usually a second option that most people like. -Stephania

How do you get into the business of creating your own alcohol?

Stephania: "Find a distillery to create your own recipe, do tastings to the level you want, create a name, and go from there. I am planning a launch party. It's launching officially at CIAA Weekend in Charlotte at a day party (see above for the flyer)."

What's the name of your ultra premium vodka?

Stephania: "Its called Bou'jae for like in Atlanta.  I felt like my friends were boujae for missing a meal to drink alcohol. I also have a friend named Jaeon so its a little bit of bou and jae with a twist. Also, I have different flavors of original, pineapple, tropical passion, and coffee."

How is it being a mother of a child with autism and being an entrepreneur?

Stephania: Its very hard to balance at times but my mother lives with me so she helps me out a lot. The main reason I am an entrepreneur is because of my son, I can't have a "normal" job, because  of this doctor's appointments, school, and taking care of him so I have to be an entrepreneur."

What do you like to do in your "relax time"? 

Stephania: "I take mom-vacations away every quarter now."

Where would you like to see your brand expand to?

Stephania: I want to see my brand expand to the level of Ciroc, its ultra premium vodka as well and I would love to see it expand. I would love for NC to push the brand because in other states African-American owned brands are supported by their state. I'm going to do a tequila too so I'm looking into that this Summer. The vodka will be available in ABC stores, hopefully Whole Foods, and in upscale restaurants."

Stephania is looking to take her brand internationally sharing her ultra premium vodka around the globe in her travels. Its stories like this that empower you to dream and dream boldly. Who knew you could locally create your own brand of alcohol when the media portrays it coming from celebrity endorsements and creatively directed commercials. By reading her story I hope it inspires you to dream the impossible. She's making her own brand of ultra premium alcohol while caring for her child with autism. That shows great strides and I tilt my crown to her because we must honor each other's pathways.

Until next time ladies and gentlemen this is The Lux Blog. - K. Knight