Going AWOL with O-Wave

Happy Tuesday Luvs! New Music Alert! Artist O-Wave is literally making waves with his new single "It Ain't My Fault"! His in-depth storytelling and visual interludes captivate his audience and its making him a definite artist to watch for 2016. He's managed by Hustle Hard Herbie who talks to us about his development of O-Wave as an artist. So you know your favorite blogger had to get the interview with this hot artist on the rise!

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So here's how it all went down........

How did you become apart of Hustle Hard & managing artists?

Herbie: I ran across some problems back in 2010 I knew Maino when he first came home so I was around 13-14 years old but I was always around. So I when I came home I saw Maino this was right after "Hi Hater" and he was doing good now. So he told me he didn't want to see me going back to jail and he told me to call him. So we talked like everyday about being on a positive road. Just being around him everyday rubbing shoulders, it was a whole group of us, it was so much positive energy. Then it was other people in the group that rapped like O-Wave so we started our own group called AWOL (Ambitious Way of Living) and we are independent on our own. It started in 2011. The first single was I'm That."

What made you decide to become an artist professionally?

O-Wave: "We started off playing around with it in 2009-2010 so it would be like 5 or 6 of us in the studio on a song. So I ended up being the only one that went for it to this level. So Herbie came about like you have to be serious and that's how we came into it to this day."

Herbie: "In 2014, we were on a song called Militant with Maino and that's when everything started happening for us more. Then we did a track with Chedda Da Connect called No Chill. "


I wanted to test myself and see if I had a core fan base. -O-Wave

How has social media helped in promoting? 

O-Wave: "Social media is great because it connects you right away. But sometimes with artists they feel like they on already so they put music on I-Tunes when you know its not going to sell because you have to build your fan base first. So I stay humble."

Herbie: "You can't sell everything to people you have to put some things out there first to grab the people so if they rock with you before the money comes then they will be loyal."


What's the story behind Ruby Rose?

O-Wave: "I have a quick story for you . I'm going through my IG and so girls are posting about Ruby Rose. It started with the show "Orange is the New Black" and at first I didn't like it but after a few episodes I loved it. So Ruby Rose stood out to me so I wanted to make a song for her. I only think the worst sometimes so I didn't think she would listen to it and I made the song in the studio in like 30 minutes. I posted it on Twitter and I didn't pay it attention. So on IG someone posted on my comments that she liked it. Then I went on Twitter an hour later to see she reposted it and said it made her day. It has like about 40K hits in the UK and even though its not going on in the streets its crossing over."

What's in your Top 5 of all time? 

Herbie: "I'm not going in any order 50 Cent, Biggie, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Fabulous, and like everything else is R&B to me. Its really no rappers no more so they let the industry make them. That's why I love Maino he stays himself and they can't break or change him. That's why we stick to ourselves and let the people choose."

O-Wave:  "Oh this is so hard ! Tupac, Nas, Fabulous, T.I. (influence to me), Jay-Z, and I gotta put myself.  I had to put Jay-Z because I studied him and my first mixtape has a lot Jay-Z influence."

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New York is definitely making its presence known in the rap game for those true street hip hop lovers. The evolution of Hip Hop continues and O-Wave is making his mark in the next generation of rap artists. His "for the people" persona shows his humility to be present in the midst of great artists and he's showing love to the people that support him! I end every interview with a provoking thought or teachable moment. After hearing O-Wave and Herbie's stories it was a confirmation about its not about where you come from but where your willing to go. Having a hustler's persona is not related just to street life but to the everyday situation. Fact is if you want it you will hustle hard for it.

Until next time ladies & gentleman this is The Lux Blog! - K. Knight