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Happy Saturday Luvs! The weekend is here and I can't wait after being snowed in the past few days! However, the best part of the snow was I had an opportunity to listen to many artists and now I'm sharing one of them with you. As you Hip Hop lovers know the female presence in Hip Hop music today has been all but let's just say almost non-existent with the reigning queen Nikki Minaj holding down the airwaves. Yet there is a new breed of women rising across the country that want to be heard because reality is there is plenty of room at the top for us all ! So you know I have to tell you about my home state North Carolina's own Ivy Monae. Her sound is a unique raw talent that is making moves throughout NC with a loyal fan base. She's a Carolina Music Award winner and respected artist! So we had a chance to talk about her music, battle raps, and what's on her playlist.

So here's how it all went down.....

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 How did you start your musical career? 

Ivy Monae: "I wrote my first song in the 3rd grade and I was writing poetry as well. So one day something told me to add a beat to it and I started taking it serious as a career about 5 years ago. We have come a long way. I actually realized there is a lot more to it than writing and putting a beat to it. So 2011 I started taking it seriously and investing in my craft".

What would you like people to know about you as an artist?

Ivy Monae: "I am really trying to be the voice of females who don't have that voice in Hip Hop. Its like guys have so many different artists they can listen to and females don't have the same alternative. Hopefully, they will love it."

What is your songwriting process like? 

Ivy Monae: "I really like writing songs off of experiences. It might be a story my friend told me and I get inspired by life honestly."

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My thought process when I write I have to be focused whether I'm freelancing with a beat but if I sit down and try to write it without being focused the song does not come out the same. - Ivy Monae

Whose in your playlist?

Ivy Monae: "Fabulous,. I like his content and word play. So everytime he drops new music or a mixtape I have to cop it. Honestly, lately I've been getting into the local artists. From the 252 Byg Enuff I've actually collaborated with him on a couple of songs. We were actually thinking about doing a joint project together, so that could be interesting. Ashley Mar Shell and Sofree Wisdom are heavy in my playlist!".

I love hosting battle raps and its a great way to see new talent. - Ivy Monae

How do you feel about the state of hip hop for female artists today?

Ivy Monae: "Its really crazy because when your actually in the process of creating a buzz and getting your name out there you realize a lot things once your out there. I know plenty of female artists who are dope, dope artists but they don't get the exposure that male artists do who have less talent. I really want somebody to break down that barrier where females can get the same respect as their male counterparts. But here in North Carolina its really a lot of unity of female rappers here. All of the female rappers I have met or acquainted with are always inviting you to get on a track or come out to a performance".

When it comes to Hip Hop today the female presence is a missing link. I was excited to interview Ivy Monae because her music took me back to a time where many female artists were dominating the charts. The best part was to hear about the unity here in NC of female artists and I look forward to seeing more projects from Ivy Monae. Her story sheds light on the importance of investing in your craft, staying true to your art, and that female rappers are rising again!

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog. - K. Knight