Black Soul Street Series: Being JuztKP

Happy Tuesday Luvs, Have you ever met people that you just genuinely respected their artistry and you know that in the blink of an eye they are going to be a greater influence in their craft? I had that opportunity when I went to my first blog event at The Pinhook in Durham, NC called "Black Soul Street". It featured various artists by the now familiar names of JuztKp, Von Dupree, Jas Natasha, and Quentin Rashad. I call them my "Day 1's" because they truly were there to see the very humble beginnings of this blog and have supported me through every transition. So this week I'm kicking off a new series highlighting each artist individually!

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Allow me to introduce you to the self-proclaimed "Lost son of Miles Davis" the eclectic flowing lyricist JuztKp. He's an NC A&T Alum, yes he's an Aggie I won't hold it against him lol #EaglePride, with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations. Originally, from Durham, NC he's a captivating performance artist and a devoted loving family man as his pride & joy is his son. Along with Producer/Artist Quentin Rashad he hosted "Black Soul Street" which was a showcase of various local artists on the rise. Still, there is so much musically to this young man's career that he's accomplished and forthcoming in 2016. So you know I had to share more in-depth about his story, music, and what's next for him!

So here's how it all went down.......

How did your new mixtape project come together?

JuztKP: "Yes, JuztBU is my new album, well I like to call it a mixtape, but it came about where I actually recorded it a year ago. It seems like a long time but it was alot of things going on in between. The main reason why I waited is because at the time I felt it was good but I also produced 3 other mixtapes that I will drop periodically throughout the year. So I wanted to take that year to promote and perform and I felt like it was real dope and inspirational. It gets you moving!

Where do you get your inspiration from when you write music?

JuztKP: "I get inspiration from all types of places like the songs "GOP" and "Ferguson" with the Mike Brown case was like my way of a protest even though people protest in so many ways but for me I write. Also, being in love because I've been in a relationship for a long time so "I Wanna Know" song is about just that. You know people don't write about love anymore especially in the hip hop community in general writing about loving somebody you don't really see."

Are there other projects your working on at this time?

JuztKP: "I think about doing stuff all the time. I even think about doing stuff outside of rap and I'm a singer too even though I don't sing a lot. I do at one point of my career want to do something more melodic and R&B feel. But for just right now I'm concentrating on rap."

What separates me as an artist is I'm real down to earth. I really don't care about image but it comes to a point where you have to but for me everything is strictly music and progressing with different flows. - JuztKP

How is transition of balancing music and fatherhood?

JuztKP: "Finally somebody asked me this because no one asks me about fatherhood and I want to talk about it. Fatherhood has greatly influenced me when it comes to music. It takes a lot out of your schedule. I tell people all the time I have 3 full-time jobs between working, music, and fatherhood.  I don't want to be a part-time father so it takes skill to juggle all of that. But luckily if I'm working on music I can put him down and he can do his little dance."

JuztKP is an artist to watch! His lyrical flows and his genuineness to be himself makes him an artist to not only watch but respect. Music is a creative expression and in the mainstream levels too many times people become jaded on connecting to their communities. That's why that night back in October as I watched this young man perform I knew then I was witnessing a change agent. We need more people using their "gifts" to uplift others because fact is your only at your best when you JuztBU!

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight