Black Soul Street Series: Going Cam with Von Dupree

Happy Thursday Luvs! The weekend is almost here! I've really been enjoying sharing the artists that were featured at the "Black Soul Street" showcase. Today's post is about a young man whose poetic flows has pushed through barriers from coast to coast. His versatile style makes him a desired artist on the rise. The young man I'm speaking of is artist Von Dupree and I had a chance to meet him right after his performance at "Black Soul Street". He's originally from St. Joseph, Missouri and he moved to NC at the tender age of 3. Still, his passion for music and humble personality is what really stood out to me and every time I see him I get the same positive energy. I had to take a moment to catch up with him at my favorite coffee shop to chat about his music, faith, and his upcoming trip to the Grammys!

So here's how it all went down........


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What new projects are you currently working on for 2016?

Von Dupree: "Well, I did a collaboration with a girl named GirlCrushPop and I had an interview with on YouTube. So as I'm walking out the interview she's walking in and some people on my team had already met her at the ASCAP event. So when I was leaving out they were like "Hey" when they saw her. She was here doing an interview and shooting a video. Basically, I told her what I do and she said well if you would like you can stick around to hear the track. She played the track and while she was shooting the video I was writing my versus to the song. So it happened like really fast. We was in downtown LA shooting the video and that was like the day before I got back to NC so that next day we were in the studio recording it. So the whole time we've stayed connected  with her for the release of the song. The song is called "Kiss and Tell" and she's a pop artist so it opens up a whole other door for me. I love all types of music so I was excited to be on this song. Then Grammy's came up in the midst of everything and then I got invited to come. My artist Rio I'm about to release and some other people on my label will be released around that time too along with the song and video".


I do write for other artists and at the end of the day I enjoy writing so I'm always trying to perfect my craft- Von Dupree

How did your love for music and writing begin?

Von Dupree: "I originally I started out playing piano at about 12 or 13 years old but  I felt it wasn't cool at the time. Of course now I have keyboards. But pretty much to break it down my dad would always freestyle around me. I would be like no I'm not rapping but one of my friends was a producer. We were messing around and we ended up making a song together. Instantly I felt different than any other time I tried something new so I ended up releasing 4 songs just to see if people would like it."

My music is not Gospel but it is and its not Hip Hop but it is but I call it Life. It really helps me with the music and I'm not limiting myself. - Von Dupree

I love how you post on your social media inspirational messages. Why do you post them?

Von Dupree: "If it weren't for music I probably wouldn't be on social media. But as for the posts there is alot of people that if they don't want to write on the picture they will message me about it that they admire me for what I'm doing with that. For me its like how my day to day is and how I answer questions I don't know. So I share that and try to put a picture with it to make it relate sometimes its funny and other times more serious. When people tell you your music helped them get through something or the scriptures helped them it just really let's me know I'm doing right."

What an inspiring interview to see the growth in just a few short months and its a prime example of hard work and dedication mixed with faith anything is possible. You never know who you may meet on this pathway called life that can take you to the next level. For Von Dupree that YouTube interview segment turned into a hot collaboration and next thing you know he's now going to the Grammys. Its a testament to how God's plan for you in a blink of an eye can take your career to heights you've dreamed of. Von Dupree is an artist on the way to the top and I know soon I'll be reading about him breaking barriers in music. Each of us has a story and too many times we allow fear to stand in the way of going to our next level. I admire how Von Dupree just went for it!

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog- K. Knight