Black Soul Street: Addicted to Quentin Rashad

Happy Friday Luvs! The weekend is here! What a week it has been and I hope you have enjoyed the "Black Soul Street Series" ! Tonight is the last night and this time it's someone whose name has been buzzing in the past 3 artist music. He's not only a ultra-soulful artist he is also a producer whose carved an intriguing sound of his own. He's managed to develop a skill to pull that similar uniqueness out of artists he's encountered. He is Quentin Rashad and we got a chance to talk about his music, his artist perspective, and why you should be Addicted to him!

So here's how it all went down.....

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How did your love of music start for you?

Quentin Rashad: "Since I was really young I've always loved music. I remember singing in church with my mother and she was a singer too. The producing side came around high school."

Producer vs. Artist: Which do you prefer?

Quentin Rashad: "I prefer producing and it started when I was 14 my aunt gave me a keyboard that's when I realized I could produce sounds. So I really enjoy supplying an artist with their particular sound."

Down time is Netflix and making Salmon Patties. -Quentin Rashad

What would you like people to know about Quentin Rashad?

Quentin Rashad: "I want to relate to people by sharing my gift. I'm really focused on making people happy."

I want to turn a suicide thought into a life thought through music. -Quentin Rashad

What's next for 2016?

Quentin Rashad: "So one of the things is producing for my brother with his group Micah Emmanuel and Keem. They have 2 singles out right now Cop A Dutch & Ain't Nothing Wrong. So I've been working with Dammit Fannie we have a single called No Rushing, working with of course Jas Natasha, Von Dupree, and I was on JuztKP new album."

Addicted should really be a radio single because everyone loves the idea of being addictive to someone. -Quentin Rashad

This may conclude the Black Soul Street Series but I guarantee you these artists will be ones you hear about nationwide and they all started here in NC. Quentin Rashad is a staple figure producing, beatmaking, and setting a tone towards timeless music. His story is a teachable moment of how when you use your gift to help grow others the harvest is rewarding. This creative bond shared by each of them is what makes not only for great music but friendship. There is nothing but love from The Lux Blog for them and I will catch up with them again soon!

Until next time ladies and gentlemen this is The Lux Blog- K. Knight