Stay Plugged In with Kool Kel

Happy Saturday Luvs! The sun is shining again here in NC and tomorrow we will be witnessing our very own Carolina Panthers on Super Bowl Sunday! Before that happens I want to tell you about a young man whose keeping us "plugged in" over at my alma mater North Carolina Central University #EaglePride. He goes by the name of Kool Kel and he's the radio host of the highly informative show The PLUGG! Kool Kel has taken his campus radio show to a new level of forward motion bringing in community leaders, artists, and he's been on air with Mayor Bell of Durham, NC. Still, I want to share with you a candid interview about the man behind the microphone. We got a chance to chat about his start in radio, career aspirations, and a big secret gets revealed!

So here's how it all went down.......

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When did you decide to get into campus radio here at NCCU?

Kool Kel: "The opportunity presented itself and so actually I came on somebody else's show. Still, The Plugg has been a name I've had for some time but I just didn't know where to put it then I decided let's name the show The Plugg. Its been around now for about 2 years."

What is the ultimate goal for The Plugg?

Kool Kel: "I want to see it become major. Once the contract is up here then that's when I may use it as a selling point and then decide do I want to keep it here having someone else running it while I'm out here growing it or take it elsewhere."

The Plugg offers students Campus News, Exclusive Music- Mainstream or Indie, and the Hottest Interviews. The whole purpose is to plug everyone in. - Kool Kel

 What has been your greatest challenge being in radio?

Kool Kel: "The scheduling can be a big challenge so sometimes people I tried to interview it can be an issue at times trying to work with everyone's schedules."

Where did your love of music come from?

Kool Kel: "I use to play, well I've never really told anybody this, but when we had DJ Luke Nasty on here because the question of the day was what is a secret nobody know about you? I said I played in a band. I played the trumpet and piano when I was in middle school. I started listening to music and the first album somebody bought me was Juelz Santana so I do rock with Dipset. It was to the point where I realized entertainment was my thing. So when I was young I was apart of an organization that put on showcases so that was what I did in high school."

Would you like to go into mainstream commercial radio? 

Kool Kel: "I have an interest in rap and Hip Hop but I'm open to Pop stations. I could do adult contemporary as well. It all depends I'm not going to turn down a good opportunity its just more experience."

Who are some of your favorite radio personalities?

Kool Kel: "I watch The Breakfast Club, Ebro at Power 97, and Big Boy in L.A. So I may watch The Breakfast Club to see how they ask questions they don't write their questions down and I don't either but they let the questions just flow. Big Boy in L.A. because of the personality part and Ebro at 97 is more of the core of Hip Hop. He's more personable not saying Big Boy isn't but to me Ebro is more personable like he did something about his mother passing. I can put content out there like that but with me you get like Chapter 1, bits of Chapter 2, and then Chapter 5."

The Plugg is not just a campus radio show its a community connection place bridging the gap between the NCCU campus and surrounding communities. Listeners tune in to hear entertaining interviews by Kool Kel and the latest in campus news. He's a indeed a rising change agent in our community and he has a platform that keeps us truly plugged in. I admire how he was willing to be open with me about his story. He's out here doing what many of us talk about and that's being a presence in our communities. I was indeed inspired by interviewing "the interviewer".

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight