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This week is all about love leading up to the most anticipated romantic holiday of the year Valentine's Day! The stores are covered in red, love is in the air, and reservations have been made all to celebrate the one you adore. Then for the singles its a time to connect with our friends and family or take some time out for ourselves. Either way its all about love! So with that being said I wanted to introduce you to Mrs. Dominique Clark a successful Certified Matchmaker whose taken her gift of connecting people to a career in relationships, media, and now she's a published author! Not to mention she's a fellow Sheen Magazine Contributing Writer! She was featured recently on My Carolina Today TV Show with a segment about matchmaking with a previous blog post I had Mrs. Valonda Calloway! Then she has upcoming reality television show appearance later this Spring! She's here to share with you her journey towards the love business, what her company offers, and why she wants you to know your valuable.

So here's how it all went down......

Why did you decide to become a Certified Matchmaker? 
D.Clark: "I felt like I had hit a glass ceiling working in medicine. Even though I loved science and was good at it, I wanted something more for myself and knew that their were other skills and talents that I hadn't tapped into yet. Being married to my high school sweetheart, my colleagues and friends often asked me for relationship and dating advice. So I would create online dating profiles and "play" matchmaker on the job before I knew the industry even existed. I realized that I was actually pretty good at this and I really loved it! I was improving the quality of lives through love and relationship, and to me that's just as important as if I was were doing it through medicine."
What services does your company offer? 
D.Clark: "We offer personal matchmaking services where we take the leg work out of dating and personally recruit and vet qualified matches for our clients. We create magnetic online dating profiles and even manage them upon request. And we also offer extensive date coaching programs and image consulting so that we can ensure our clients are presenting their best selves on and off line."

What has been your greatest triumph and challenge as a matchmaker? 
D.Clark: "My greatest triumph as a matchmaker is that I'm actually a Matchmaker! It took me a while to have the courage, confidence and faith to step out and pursue my passion without fear of approval! So, I'm proud of that! Another triumph would be successfully matching my first celebrity client! That was an amazing experience and the couple is so happy together.
My greatest challenge is getting some of my clients, more so women than men, to shift their mindset and perspective of self to realize YES, YOU ARE WORTHY of true love. It's a challenge because they are amazing people and I want them to know how great they are and shine light on the amazing qualities I see in them!"
What do you feel is people's biggest misconception about matchmaking?
D.Clark: "Hmm I'd have to say that some people think you're just paying for a date, and then to take it even further, that something must be wrong with you if you choose to do so. And even though on the surface you are in fact hiring someone to find a compatible match for you because you've been unsuccessful on your own, it's no different than hiring a personal trainer to whip you into shape (because you couldn't do it on your own), hiring a personal chef (because you were too tired/lazy when you got home from work and had the extra money to spend) or hiring an attorney because they are skilled in an area you're not and can get the results you're looking for in a more effective way and in a shorter amount of time. With matchmaking you're hiring someone to look at your dating and relationship challenges objectively and create the best strategy (while also providing the resources) to help you overcome those challenges and reach your relationship goals."
What upcoming projects do you have for 2016? 
D.Clark: "I am beyond excited that in Spring of 2016 I am releasing my first book entitled She's Valuable (But Does She Know It?)and officially launching the She's Valuable Movement! It stands on Proverbs 3:15 and the goal of the book is help women identify and own the unique qualities within them that make them valuable and shape their beauty. It's perfect for every woman, especially those who need to discover their worth, those who could use a reminder or help maintaining it with all the social and media pressures placed on women today. It's a powerful book created to help amazing women win in love starting with themselves!"
If someone is interested in becoming a Certified Matchmaker what advice do you have for them?
D.Clark: "Do your research and determine what special skill set you have (paired with an obvious relationship/dating need) that will make you different from any other matchmaking service. Find your voice in this space and get really specific about who your ideal client is! Do your homework and get certified in what ever capacity you want to serve (matchmaker, coach, image consultant)...all of that helps with your credibility! Then tell everyone you know and start making love happen!"
Dominique Clark is a trailblazer in her field and she's bringing a traditional yet taboo dating option back with a fabulous twist.  Her matchmaking success rate has created lasting long-term relationships and marriages for her clients. Fact is the older we get the less we are in the social dating circles we once had during the college years and even then we needed guidance on how to date. We hire experts in all aspects of our lives from fitness, finances, education, real estate, catering, and the list goes on but why not when it comes to love? If your single and ready for love I definitely recommend her. Its an experience where you not only will learn about dating but about your self as well. I've heard people say all the time "I'll wait on God" when I tell them about D. Clark & Co. But remember this "Faith without works is dead - James 2:17".

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