The Lyricist : The Kid Hater

Happy Thursday Luvs! 13

If your reading this from Raleigh or Durham, NC then your in for an exclusive! Tonight the artist I'm about to introduce you to will be performing at the "Most Wanted Hip Hop & R&B Showcase" at Mosaics Wine Lounge. Amongst a body of his peers he will be featured in a showcase with an array of performers that were hand-picked to express their art. So of course I had to share with you his music. The Roxboro, NC native has a message to share about his life and why his form of hating is not what you think. This is The Kid Hater.


So here's how it all went down......

What inspired you to become a rapper? 

The Kid Hater: "By nature I'm a writer so I was always into writing whether it was stories or music. I didn't grow up around people with a studio so I just wrapped to beats on the radio. I would rap to myself or to my brother. I just naturally loved to write and it just grew into this career in music."

What style of rapper do you consider yourself as?

The Kid Hater: "I am more into the traditional Hip Hop so I'm more lyrically driven. Like today when you listen to music most artists are focused on the melody. As opposed to the bars I try to concentrate on what i'm saying and focus on my delivery."

My story hasn't been told yet. We've heard the story of the drug dealer, the gangster, but I'm a regular person. I'm inspired by my regular life where I still go to work everyday - The Kid Hater

What's the name of your upcoming project? 

The Kid Hater: "The name of the upcoming project is "Autobiography of a Hater." Originally, it was called "The Re-Introduction of The Kid" but one of my favorite artists Young Chris from State Property  he has the same title called "The Re-Introduction". But I'm going real in-depth to my life like an audio book with this one."

How did you come up with the name The Kid Hater? 

The Kid Hater: "I heard 50 Cent doing a drop on K 97.5 and he said, "This the Kid 50 Cent" and the word "kid" just stuck with me. Then the word "hater" is kind of like my personality and it was popular back then. Most of the time people associate the word "hater" with being jealous of somebody else's success. But for me I look at it as an individual that can go against the grain."

The Kid Hater's Top 5: 

Notorious B.I.G., RaKim, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, and Ghostface Killah

My music is not like anything that's out right now. I rather be independent than compromise my work and push the youth to be self-sufficient. - The Kid Hater

What sets you apart from other rappers out here now? 

The Kid Hater: "My focus and attention to detail .  I could already be "on" but I'm very particular about how I write. I stress that I write and it makes a difference."

The Kid Hater is making a statement all on his own about his everyday life and the best is yet to come from this Indie artist. He's setting a tone for his peers and competition that his most dangerous weapon is his pen and pad. A writer by design that's lyrically flowing on our air waves. His story is one to admire as he's not taken the all too stereotypical pathway of rapper initiation of being a criminal or have a gangster past to tell his story. I look forward to sharing with you later this weekend about his performance tonight.

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight