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Happy Thursday Luvs! March is here and that means Spring is on the way! I can't wait lol! This is such an exciting month because its a celebration of Women's History. So I wanted to highlight women doing extraordinary professions, philanthropy efforts, and business in our communities nationwide! Today's blog post is about a fabulous young lady whose Instagram video has gone viral from her beloved profession of auto mechanics! That's right this beauty whose brains of repairing foreign and domestic cars has taken her to the top on social media. I got a chance to chat with Jasmine about her career as an auto mechanic, her relaxing moments, and how her love of cars as a woman has made a mark in her community.

So here's how it all went down.......


Where did your passion for becoming auto mechanic begin?

Jasmine: "I've always been into cars. I was more into cars as a little girl than I was into Barbies. I watched my stepdad tinker underneath the hood of a car so I was always fascinated by it. I went to college at Merc University pursuing mechanical engineering but I realized my junior year of college I wanted to pursue automotive service. The engineering classes helped me to understand the principles behind the mechanic work. It helped me with knowing the basic things I learned as a child. So with my car it helped me stay on top of my maintenance while in college as well. But I started to pursue it professionally since 2011 and  I started working for a shop now for the past 2 years. I love it Kimberly it does not feel like work and I look forward going to work which is how it should be."

I've had a lot of people say you wear make-up how can you work on cars with make-up on? I'm a woman I embrace my femininity I like to wear make-up and dresses so that does not define my work. I want people to open their minds more. - Jasmine

What would you like our readers to know about the misconceptions of women mechanics?

Jasmine:  "People tend to think that women and cars are just as opposite as oil and water. We are just as capable as men. I've been told that women make better mechanics and welders. I can only speak for myself but you have to have a passion for it. There will be frustrating times but the passion will keep you going. All the time I hear you don't look like a mechanic but I really want to help break that stereotype. What does a mechanic look like? Women are becoming more independent and times are changing we may even have a woman president. We can't judge a woman by the way she looks."

I teach as well because customers want to learn so I'm happy to teach them. Its about the passion for me not the money - Jasmine

The video that went viral with over a 153K hits!

What upcoming projects do you have coming soon? 

Jasmine: "At this time I'm preparing for my workshop in the Spring. Most of the people that lack the knowledge of cars are women. I've had women say they felt they were ripped off at the dealership and I've been through that too. So I've been working on workshops to educate people more."

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Jasmine: "I like to watch Fast N' Loud its one of my favorite shows and I could watch Velocity channel all day! I love to read, networking, meeting new people, travel, and trying new things."

Jasmine's story shows each of us that you must follow your passion in life even if your it goes against the status quo. Auto mechanics has traditionally been a male-dominated field just like once was medicine, construction, business, fitness, politics, and the list goes on. But its something about when we as women go against the grain of society and break the molded stereotypes that is when we see impacting change from a different perspective. This is in no way taking away from what men have contributed its simply saying we as women have a voice too.

What dreams have you wanted to live out loud but were too afraid of the gender glass ceilings?  Tell me below in the comments! 

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight