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It feels so good to be back!  There is nothing like the freedom from a Biostatistics class to get you inspired to blog. lol. Still, one of my favorite things to do is listening to new music. Today's posting is about a young woman whose setting new trends in not only her music but fashion as well as her acting skills. She is TishMone' and she's gearing up for a lot of great projects this year by expanding her brand to new plateaus. I had a chance to chat with the Fayetteville, NC native about why she's feeling "Brand New", rocking out fashion shows, & how she wants to "Corrupt" you for the second time!

So here's how it all went down.....

What has your career as an artist been like? 

TishMone': "I've been transitioning myself into a brand. I use to be just an artist and sing but in the past year, in 2015, I've been blessed to transition into other branches of art such as acting, dancing, and modeling. This has been my first year where I have done all of it. It was a challenge but it definitely prepared me for 2016."

As a musical artist how would you describe your style of music?

TishMone': "I don't necessarily just have one style of music. I like to be very diverse and go from different ranges to use my voice as an instrument. So I like doing different genres but I've been categorized as doing R&B."

No independent artist has ever put on their own show in Fayetteville (NC). Artist  G. Torres and I did that which sold out. Within 6 months I performed 18 shows.                       - TishMone'

How has using the platform of social media helped with your business?

TishMone': "Social media has been a great part of what I do. I don't have a manager or anything like that. I am TishMone' and I am my own systematic person. Me having those outlets, those free outlets at that, I take full advantage of each one. Facebook, you don't have to pay for it, Soundcloud , or anything I can get myself into that people can see me on I'm for."

            Take a listen to TishMone's new single "Brand New" !

What things are you most looking forward to in 2016 as an artist?

"I want to fully establish my brand this year and get into bigger projects. In 2015, I felt like it was practice so I feel like when those bigger projects happen I will be ready. So I feel that will take part in building my brand and get my team a little stronger too."

TishMone' stars as Brooklyn in Aaliyah Qaadir Culbertson Web Series "CORRUPT" which is returning for a 2nd season!

Who is on your Top R&B Singers on your List?

TishMone': "I do a lot of research on unique people and Eartha Kitt has been my inspiration lately. That woman is amazing! Then of course I'm influenced by women like Beyonce and Rhianna but I would say Eartha Kitt, Anita Baker, and Monica whom I recently met which was awesome."

I want Drake and his team to produce a song for me. That's collaborating too and its more common now. That's definitely someone I would like to do a song with. -TishMone'

TishMone' is on her way to the top bringing her name to several aspects of art. Her creativity to live in the moment and balance the waves of her career is inspiring. She shows great joy in her faith, family, and career. She had the opportunity to open for one of her favorite artists, Monica, and sing her song live. Its all about dreaming big and working harder towards your goals. We can all learn so much from her inspiring story.

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog- K. Knight