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 Women's History Month this year has been truly inspiring to me as a writer! Its been a joy getting to know so many women from across our great state of North Carolina. Today's post is about a woman whose taken her purpose to greater heights from higher education at East Carolina University to her own consulting business where she facilitates empowering webinars, hosts innovative workshops, conducts dynamic consultations, and is a sought after public speaker. Recently she was on Huffington Post Live discussing her views on natural hair! Why you may ask? Well she's the Creator and Founder of the International Natural Hair Meet-up Day and on this day events occur in over 50 cities across the globe. This annual event brings women from all walks of life together to connect about their lives as "naturalistas"at natural hair expos showcasing product, hair care, and healthy living information . She is Ms. Adeea Rogers! A native of Greenville, North Carolina she takes great joy in not only being from Eastern North Carolina but expressing how no matter where you live you can still be a global change agent! We got a chance to chat about all things natural, social media management, and her life as she is walking in purpose.

So here's how it all went down......

How did the creation of the International Natural Hair Meet-up Day begin?

Rogers: " International Natural Hair Meet-up Day began after I started hosting natural hair events locally in my community, Greenville, North Carolina, in 2011. Locally, I started becoming connected and familiar with other people that were doing natural hair events across the country. We started doing some cross promotion on our platforms and talked throughout the natural hair community. We talked about questions like is natural hair here to stay or is it a fade? We realized its not a fade and that their are many people that are making the decision to return back to being natural for many reasons. Whether its health or fitness reasons , cultural, self-esteem, or lifestyle, what have you, people were going natural.  We wanted to showcase 2 reasons that it was not a fade because its not concentrated in just certain areas. Secondly, its that its not just concentrated for hair. Its literally "naturalistas" in every pocket of the globe. The first year we had some small towns and some very larger ones which made for a great eclectic mix."

I wanted to send that message that natural hair is everywhere. I wanted to send that to us in the international natural hair community but also to major brands, manufacturers, and mainstream society that its not just in one area but everywhere.  - Adeea Rogers

What can we expect this year for INHMD?

Rogers: "May 21st is the International Natural Hair Meet-up Day for 2016 and in honor of the 5 year anniversary we actually doing a destination trip on Labor Day weekend. So people will have an opportunity to celebrate in Montego Bay , Jamaica."

When its something that you know your supposed to do and God breaths or ordains you to do it where He just won't let it go you have to go for it. I was literally having sleepless nights over it and I said ok I'm going to do it! -Adeea Rogers

Tell us about

Rogers: " The Trendy Socialite was my name as a result of taking a style quiz I took in the book The Budget Fashionista written by Kathryn Finney. I scored equally in the categories of having a trendy style and having a classic socialite style. I thought that was true to my personality because I like trends and I like things that are classy as well. The website is the trendy style type of site and the website focuses on the importance of branding, speaking events that I do, and blogging. I also teach and engage people in conversations about social media management."

I do believe we kind of have one singular purpose but we can have multiple passions. I have a passion for natural hair, civil rights, women's rights, and business but my overall purpose is to teach and inspire. - Adeea Rogers

What has your experiences been like as an event planner?

Rogers: "I've been an event planner for 15 years and I've done everything from weddings to birthday parties. My 2 largest events was planning a grand opening weekend of a multi-million dollar family life center at my church and then multiple years of events for my family church of over 2,000 people. So I've made a lot of mistakes and obtained a lot of experience so I like to share those experiences with people."

Adeea Rogers is indeed a change agent that is empowering people from coast to coast with her principles of faith, branding effectiveness, strategic planning, and networking have been staples in her purpose-driven career. Her story is one of perseverance and determination to go after dreams and don't allow where you live to limit your reach to the world. She's making a mark in women's history by setting a tone for excellence in her field. I admire her transparency to discuss the trials she has experienced as well as the triumphs. Those are true marks of leadership.

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight