The Man Behind the Mic: Mic Geniuz

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 Let the weekend begin! Oh how I love weekends I literally miss them Monday thru Thursday every week lol. Its like they never last long enough for me. However, now let's move on to why you are here which is the post of course! The past few months I've been really connecting with the artistic and media crowd in my city which has been creatively one of the things I've really enjoyed. Two weeks ago I had so much fun going to visit Real RnB Radio Show with media personality Mir.I.Am ( you also know her from K 97.5) and DJ RnB! This opportunity not only gave me a chance to chat about an upcoming event I was hosting but I got to meet one of the funniest and genuinely real media personalities. His name is Mic Geniuz. I can't box him into just one category because his creativity is too vivid for that and I had so much fun that Saturday night so you know I had to ask the man behind the mic for an exclusive interview! We got a chance to chat about his career in media, life lessons, and why he's a media mogul in the making!

So here's how it all went down.......

How did you get your start in radio?

Mic Geniuz: My mother was a music manager and she had a management company locally that featured artists from up and down the east coast from NY to NC. I use to model, do plays, sing in chorus, but radio happened when I was apart of Pump it Up media with Tomita Anae. We were doing movies, documentaries, and we did a show called the "Carolina Artist Appreciation Concert" at Southland Ballroom. I had an idea to interview the artists that are in the show kind of like a promo and when I would put it online the artists were like you have a radio voice this is what you should be doing. I was like no my mom had just passed and I wasn't focused. So I went to Liberty University and studied Communications & Digital Media and while I was there I interned at the radio station. I started my own podcast called The Mikey Leek Show and I got the chance to interview Pam from the group Total, Tiffany Foxx, Lil Kim's rapper who was featured on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta , Gospel group 21:03, Angel Taylor of Trin-i-tee 5:7, and J. Moss. More personal things happened and more people passed away but last year I came out of depression. So my life being on radio and being the outgoing people person I am with a genuine love to get to know people I found myself always being the one interviewing people even though I don't try . I met when I came out of my shell and changed my name from "Mikey Leek" to "Mic Geniuz". Mic comes from my first name Michael and Geniuz came from the word "genius" which is a name my father has been calling me for years because I have a smart mouth. So it started as a mentor thing with Mir.I.Am and then became a business thing and that's how I got into doing Real RnB Radio."

I wanted to use my platform to bring forth awareness about depression. I'm looking into organizations that support this cause as well - Mic Geniuz

How has your experience been with Real RnB Radio? 

Mic Geniuz: "I was a fan of WKNC 88.1 before and they always show love to local artists. As a college station they were always looked at as a major station because of the way they operated even back when my mother was making connections with them. But I didn't know Mir.I.Am was apart of WKNC at the time I've heard her on K 97.5 and I loved her voice so once we met it was nice putting a face to the voice. My manager, Major Minx Entertainment, reached out to her and we kind of clicked she was like I don't have to mentor you, you can rock with me. So that's what's its like we are like a The Breakfast Club, The View, or The Real its a panelist discussion each time. For those of us that grew up with 90's music  or a little older we call that "real music" so the show is about real discussions, real people, and real music. Its fun and I enjoy it! I can be myself! I have a segment called "I Can't" where I talk about things that bother me that week whether its relationships, TV, a meme, something stupid on social media, or celebrities so she let's me have my own thing which is cool."

You have to understand that your talented and gifted so you can't sleep on yourself- Mic Geniuz

What's next for 2016 for Mic Geniuz?

Mic Geniuz: "I do spoken word, poetry, and sing so I'm taking voice lessons to get my breathing right and my voice back. If I want to sing again I may drop an album but I've been writing songs for a long time for other artists not just locally but outside of NC as well. I dropped a spoken word album last year on my birthday it was called  Leek’d Ink Vol.1 but now that my name has changed I'm going to do another one. I want to take my podcast to being a radio show. I work on a lot of people's videos directing as well so I am into A&R and PR work. I'm a media personality, spoken word artist, and a writer, and I want to be a mogul as a brand."

What advice do you have for someone interested in radio?

Mic Geniuz: "Education is important even if its not school you have to read up on it and study radio & broadcasting and public speaking. Educate yourself on the industry and we are in the land of the internet. So create yourself a website or a podcast so you can have something to show. Apply to internships because you can't get paid for everything in the beginning. Educate yourself on your craft!"

My down time is listening to music and for me after a long day I blast music and I like to dance, read,writing, and watch tv. - Mic Geniuz

How do you decipher between what's real and what's entertainment now that you're a media personality? 

Mic Geniuz: "I'm private but not secretive. So there's a difference. If I met you as a radio personality, a classmate from school, or as a co-worker until further notice those are the circumstances I met you on that's how we interact. I don't think anybody should go into this industry thinking you're going to have friends and you have to have that discernment. If you're in it for friends then you need to re-think why you're in it. Very few know "Michael" and that's good because when I go back home I'm happy with me . I have to have that "Michael" time after giving the world Mic Geniuz."

Mic Geniuz gave us a transparent look into his life and we all have real life issues to handle day to day. Whether its loss of a loved one, financial crisis, spiritual discouragement, or whatever your life challenge may be there is, in my opinion, always a teachable moment. This interview speaks volumes on living out your dreams because life is indeed a gift. Each day is a new opportunity to grow, learn, teach, and educate. His story is a motivational piece because in the loss of his mother he battled depression but out of that loss birthed his purpose. Sounds like we are kindred creative spirits because the same happened for me.

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight