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Keeping the momentum going of "Black Girl Magic" of Black Girls Rock I had to feature the impeccably talented Ms. Heather Victoria. A North Carolina Central University Communications graduate! She's made musical waves with a Hip Hop soulful  vibe and has become a sought after performer nationwide. Her gift of song and songwriting attracted the attention of musical super-producer 9th Wonder. She's signed to his label Jamla Records and became an empowering force of star power! Recently, we met at a political brunch and after hearing her sing live I was immediately swept away. I've enjoyed her recorded music but its something so intimate and beautiful when you see artists perform live. So we got a chance to chat about her music, her college days, and what's next for her.

So here's how it all went down.....

How did your music career begin?

HV: "I started out singing as a young child and I didn't start doing it professionally until 2009. I think that is when I recorded my first song ever in 2008 back in Rocky Mount. I created a couple of demos and I took some of my poetry on to tracks. Then I got into it professionally with 9th Wonder and Jamla Records around late 2009-early 2010 as the label was still coming together."

What was the name of your first EP?

HV: "It was called Victoria's Secret and it dropped in 2010."

How was your experience as an undergraduate at North Carolina Central University and what type of impact did it have on your musical career?

HV: "My experience at Central was everything to my career. Those are days I will never forget . Lots of lessons learned and the culture of the university itself was definitely a positive impact on my life so I carry it everywhere that I go as well as the things that I learned there. Just as an undergrad you learn you have to start making those tough decisions and really get serious about your future. Central I was actually led there, I'm not a religious person but more spiritual, but God led me to go over to Central from North Carolina State University. I was over there for a year and a half so I left my sophomore year after my first semester. One of my best friends was over there and I would visit her sometimes. It just felt like home and I prayed about it as well as got lots of guidance. It was really a leap of faith to transfer and it ended up being a good choice for me. I didn't know what was going to happen. However, one of the things that influenced me was I was hearing about this Hip Hop class that was going on over there. Hey they were not doing anything like that at State and I wanted to go there. I thought that was dope. Even if I didn't go to Central I wanted to be in that class. Just learning about that genre of music was something and to know that it was actually happening there that immediately told me about the culture of the school."


Hip Hop Soul Lives (EP) available at

To have "Play" Martin as the professor of the class was the coolest thing. -

Heather Victoria

What has it been like connecting with  the Art of Cool Project?

HV: "I love my experience with Art of Cool. Its been great collaborating with 9th and Art of Cool. We've had a relationship with them for awhile. I actually did the Art of Cool Festival 2 years ago and Cicely is the bomb. Its been about creating a vibe and becoming one with the audience."

I'm original and I'm real. My music is real. Anything about me as an artist particularly is that I like to tell stories. I like to create that picture for people who are with me. Its all about putting that creativity on paper with R&B and Soul. Its straight up Hip Hop and Soul music. - Heather Victoria

What words of inspiration do you have for those wanting to pursue music or entertainment that are from a small town?

HV: "I think you have to be conscious of how important it is to create a brand for yourself. Staying true to what your vision is and not allowing where your from or where you live to create barriers for your goals or where you want to be in life. I just think that anyone coming from a small town you have to be able dream really big. Take your time to getting to where you want to be."

Upcoming Events?

HV: "May 6th at the Pinhook in Durham and it will be me and Rapsody. "

Heather Victoria's musical journey has been inspiring to hear not only because of the success she's had but because of the faith walk she took to go to her next level. She left behind what she thought was the college pathway to take to press forward towards a new  beginning. She was embraced by a musical society just miles away from her reach and she took a seat in a class that changed her musical journey literally. Now she's a sought after performer singing her hip hop soul music to the masses and soon new music is forthcoming! It was indeed a pleasure speaking with her and I know we'll meet again but next time on the red carpet.

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog- K. Knight