Feeling Unshamed with Lecrae

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The Lux Blog is graciously excited to present a candid interview with artist Lecrae. The Reach Records Co-Founder, two time Grammy Award winning artist, in 2014 he had the highest grossed selling co-headlined tour reaching over 557,000 tickets sold, and has been a sought after performer at shows such as Good Morning America, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Weekend just to name a few notes of his accomplishments. He's also a loving husband, devoted father, and soon a published author with his first book entitled Unashamed set to release on May 3rd. His music to me transcends over what religion or spiritual pathway your own its music for the soul. His diverse way of expressing hip hop music in a inspirational sense allows listeners to engage in his storytelling and not focus on just his spiritual walk. There is so much we can learn from his music and as a fellow hip hop enthusiast I really enjoy his music. So we got a chance to talk about his album Church Clothes 3, Unashamed, The Higher Learning Tour, and yours truly is attending his concert for the first time tomorrow, Sunday, April 10th.

So here's how it all went down.....

Congratulations on the release of your album Church Clothes 3. What would you like for listeners to know about the album?

Lecrae: "Historically, others have heard me address alot of  vertical issues in terms of spirituality and a vertical relationship with God. But they haven't seen how that fleshes itself out horizontally. Church Clothes 3 is more of a horizontal album where we address social issues and addressing how we are going to apply our faith, beliefs, and values to alot of the issues that surround us socially. So just traveling the world and seeing alot of the things we don't get to always see on our news channels like the Fergusons, Baltimores, and South Carolinas going on in the world."


Higher Learning Logo               What would you like people to know about The Higher Learning tour? 

Lecrae: "The word music comes from the word muse which means to think. I think if music is not allowing us to think in the process then its not achieving its desired effect. I want to create music to make people think and music that allows people to enjoy themselves and have fun as well."

Alot of times we learn how to make a living but we don't learn how to make a life- Lecrae


What made you decide to write a book at this point of your career?

Lecrae: "It was for various different reasons one being that I think its extremely important for young African-Americans to put their stamp in literature and to make sure their words are captured. Not just spoken from a microphone or television but put in literature to stand the test of time. There are alot of greats thinkers I historically can not access their minds because nothing was written down. Another aspect of it is its a story of liberation and freedom of not being ashamed of my past, of things I've done or things that have been done to me because they do not define me. My work far surpasses anything anybody could ever project on me and I hope people find that inspiration. That's why I wrote the book."

In the book Unashamed you mention your uncles as a male influence in your life. How do you feel about the importance of male figures in a young boy's life?

Lecrae: " A young man is going to follow. Your going to be what you've seen or become what you've beheld. So whatever is in front of you is what you are going to model. We come out of the womb instinctively wanting to be like our fathers. Even if they have abandoned us or not very good models that's just something in us. I think its very crucial for us to break that cycle and become the men that we did not have an opportunity to have in our lives. We should model responsibility, reject passivity, and lead courageously that's extremely important to be a man and to lead as a man."

What legacy would you like for people to know about you as an artist? 

Lecrae: "I think if anything as an artist, not holistically as a person, but as an artist I would hope that people see Lecrae as somebody who brought soul into hip hop and spirituality. Alot of times hip hop is very scientific and social but not very spiritual. So hopefully they will say he was unabashedly unashamed to eject soul and spirituality into hip hop music. "

Lecrae's journey sets the tone that when you trust God and remain true to your faith walk the possibilities are endless. As a man he's standing firm on accepting his past and focusing on his future. He's not compromising who he is to obtain the applause but he's following the call to serve to the masses through hip hop music. His music has broken barriers in the hip hop community and he's making his presence known as an artist. I admire those willing to stand strong in their faith especially in the entertainment industry because that's not always the popular pathway but the beauty of Christianity is Jesus never stuck to the rules that were popular hence why we now have Grace.

Until next time ladies and gentleman this is The Lux Blog- K. Knight