Next Level with DJ Fresh J

Happy Monday Luvs!


I hope everyone had a great weekend! If your a music lover like me I'm sure many of you were listening to Prince, may he rest in peace, or watching Beyonce's Lemonade which personally I felt was epic #BlackGirlMagic! Speaking of music one thing we love to do at The Lux Blog is promote DJs. They are the creative masterminds that keep us entertained whether your in a sports event, open mic night, formal ball, or party downtown. Either way they spend countless hours preparing and their stories are not shared too often. Today's posting is DJ Fresh J and his brand has expanded to new connects. We got a chance to chat about his path towards becoming a sought after DJ, Demode Clothing, and how his Faith has played a major role in his success.

So here's how it all went down......

How did your DJ career begin?

DJ Fresh J: "I started out as a party promoter and I did a couple of  parties with my friend A.Johnson owner of Demode Clothing. We did parties at the Packhouse and there we got tired of having to pay a dj. So we started messing around with Virtual DJ Home Edition and we started deejaying our own parties. Then I just took it up and ran from there. I don't have any djs in my family, I wasn't trained by anyone I am self-taught, and everything I've learned was on my own through my own. It has been people along the way that have given me great advice as well. So that's how it all got started."

How was your 2016 CIAA experience?

DJ Fresh J: "It was really good this year I actually worked it the past 2 years but it was good this year. It was a good experience because you get to meet more people and celebs but for me its more like a networking event. I deejayed the charity celebrity basketball game where they give all the proceeds to a cause for children's cancer research. So just being there, being involved with that, and networking was cool."

Any upcoming projects?

DJ Fresh J: "Right now I have so much going on. Like when I look at my calendar I just thank God I am so busy because I remember a time when it was empty. I still have my current residency at Solas, Club Amnesia, and I started my own business Fresh J Entertainment LLC. So I started working with a lot of dance teams such as Just Dance. Other than that I work with fashion and I work hand and hand at Demode Clothing so I'm all over the place."


How do you intertwine your DJ brand with Demode Clothing? 

DJ Fresh J: "I call myself one of the Co-Creators because when it started it was just myself and AJ. We were just screen printing the shirts but once my deejaying started to pick-up I told him I will still be able to help him by printing or buying shirts. He handles the everyday process and fashion side of it where I handle the events and promotional side of it. He'll give me a new shirt he wants pushed so I'll wear the shirt and shout him out at different clubs I'm at on my Instagram."

How has social media been influential in your DJ career?

DJ Fresh J: "I started out it was more hand to hand flyers. So now social media has been like a flyer for me. You want see me or promoters printing as many flyers anymore. Its more of a aspect of me to promote and keep my name relevant. Keep people up to date on events I have, clubs I will be at, and it gives them a more personal window into my life as a DJ. Social media your able to meet so many people all at one time. Famous DJs you get to see, labels, and agencies that want to work with you. My goal now is to get signed to a DJ agency to have a manager to do bigger events.

There was a time I did not have anything on my calendar but once or twice a month. So be patient, grind, and pray that's all I can say- DJ Fresh J

What words of inspiration would you have someone interested in becoming a DJ?

DJ Fresh J:"First start out as a hobby because when you first start its not lucrative at all you may not make anything but keep working, grinding, progressing, and learning. Keep making different connections, network with people, and eventually it will pay off to turn into a career.  For me I started out deejaying in my room by myself just for fun while I was a Assistant Manager at Auto Bell Car Wash but then once my name and skill got better I started getting booked for different events. I started working with Brian (Dawson) doing different arena football leagues and its a non-stop hustle. Secondly, pray and ask for whatever you want to happen. I prayed and asked God please make it so I can work everyday and I look at my calendar where I am so tired but I'm appreciate of all these things."

DJ Fresh J's story shows how perseverance and personal faith can take you to major places. He's still perfecting his brand and looking to grind harder in his career but its his humbleness to share his story that shows their is more to be seen.

Until next time ladies & gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight