Conversations with the Queen: DJ Queen of Spades

queen of spades2
queen of spades2

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So my The Lux Blog partner hit me up and was like, “Hey you ready for your first post?”  In my mind I’m thinking she’s about to hit me with an album review or something that does not require too much focus.  You know, being that I’m fresh on The Lux Blog NC scene.  I was completely ready and willing to do whatever she had lined up for me.  After learning what my first assignment would be.  Your girl Lynnie was all smiles.  Let’s just say she hit me with the bomb first assignment.  I had the pleasure of interviewing / conversing with the one and only DJ Queen of Spades.  Those that know me well know I have a special love for DJs.  In my opinion DJs play the most vital role in the music industry.  To make this interview even more special DJ Queen of Spades is what I would consider to be a Boss.   You see, she has been in this business for 20 consistent years.  Noticed I said consistent, we already know some of these DJs be here today and gone tomorrow.  The Queen’s resume includes some of everything and everybody.  From Beyonce, Rihanna, Kevin Hart (my funny man crush) to the Bad Boy Family and so on.  To add to her long list of accomplishments she is now the official DJ for Ashley Stewart.  Can somebody say MAJOR!.   

But before I come off as a complete groupie let’s get into the interview.  

What made you want to become a DJ?

“Well I’ve always had a love for music and I had a few friends that were DJ’s.  I had this one friend I would frequent the record store with.  Just watching and listening to my friend sparked something in me.  Then once I was actually playing around with the table myself it was a done deal.  I saved up and purchased my own equipment and begin to teach myself the craft.”

queen of spades
queen of spades

Part of her process of learning the craft consisted of her studying some of the DJ greats such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Spinderella and Funk Master Flex.  

What was your first paying gig?

“Wow, let me think.  That’s a good question.  Let’s see, it was for a friend’s house party. They asked if I was ready and if I would DJ for them.  I was like, yea.  I loaded my equipment DJ’ed their party and it was on from there.”

How cool is that the Queen went from being the DJ at a friend’s House party to DJ’ing events for big names like Beyonce, Rihanna, Drake, deejaying some of the most popular clubs in Toronto and New York.  She also was nominated several times for the Female DJ of the Year at the Stylus DJ Awards. That’s not all she has her own CD series called “All Hail the Queen” and a radio show.

Tell us about your radio show “The Royal Treatment”.  How did that come about?

“Honestly it simply came from a conversation I was having with a friend over the phone.  I was asked if my own show would be something I would be interested in doing.?  They knew someone that was looking to make it happen.  After the encouragement of my friend I was all for it.”

You can check out the Royal Treatment on every Thursday evening.

Radio or spinning at a concert or event, which do you enjoy the most?

“Hmm, I’m going to have to say Deejaying an event.  I love doing radio and plan to do more of it but it’s just something about being able to feed off of the energy from the audience.  It’s the most rewarding feeling when you look out to a packed crowd and see people bobbing their heads to what your playing. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

What does the Queen desire for the future?

“I would really like to tour.  Like a worldwide tour.  I really want to travel the world.”

If you could give the next female DJ any advice what would you tell them?

“I would tell them to network, network, network.  I would tell them to learn the craft. Use every outlet to your advantage.  Social Media is a great networking tool.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met by using social media that have helped my career. It’s important to be friendly.  Speak to people.  Oh and never be intimidated by anyone.  Remember you were meant to be where you are just like the other person.

Very well said DJ Queen of Spades.  It was truly amazing talking to her.  Not only does she have a beautiful spirit but she is a beautiful lady as a whole.  Make sure to check her out on and get some of the “Royal Treatment”.  

Until next time this is the The Lux Blog – Lynnie

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