Lynnie's Review on Red Is the New Black Fashion Show

So about that Saturday when you had the opportunity to work one of the biggest HIV Awareness events the RDU has ever seen.  You know I'm talking about the "Red Is the New Black" Fashion show.  Like my Grandmother use to say, "Hunny let me tell you, what a time, what a time."  I could not have asked to work with a better group than the group I was blessed to work with on that day.  From the two wonderful ladies that made it all possible Dr. Allison Mathews and Kimberly Knight.  Ladies, you both are absolutely amazing.  Thank you for trusting me to Direct and Style your models for this event. Thank you to the wonderful vendors that hooked us up with such beautiful pieces for our models to strut.  Valerie, from Cato's Fashions, thank you for allowing us to take over your store. Melanie from It's Fashion Metro-Raleigh, thank you so much for putting together items for me to select from. Currin, the man with the master plan, Owner of CAP'S Urban Wear.  You had our guys looking BOSS!
To the people that "werked" the runway.  Yes boo, our models were absolutely all things fierce.  Michelle Cummings, Jelissa Ware, Monique Austin, Brittany Lord, Justina Harvin, Tawanda McCrimmon, Beverly Knight, Jerica Soloman, Mallory Richardson, and Devonnda McCormick  ladies you looked beautiful.  Our handsome guys Duante Marrow, Anthony "AJ" Hilliard and Maurice Marrow, you guys had the ladies in the audience turning around in their seats.

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Last but nowhere near least, we had the best Glam Squad ever.  Thank you LaLa, Denise, Shekinah, Sam, and Cheri!  Ladies, oh my gosh, you all were absolutely amazing.  Thank you so my for making us all look great.
Thank you all for allowing us to experience your talent, laughter and widsom.  I totally enjoyed working with all of you.  In my very best Lynnie from the 910 voice,  "Yall did that boo, yessss baby".  LOL
Until next time, Peace and Blessing, it's your girl Lynnie with The Lux.

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