Is It The SWAE: Lynnie's Way

Do any of you remember the movie Love Jones?  I know, I know some of you are probably scratching your head. I'll give you a minute......Yes Hunny that was the movie that made all the women fall in love with Larenz Tate and all the men were licking their lips while watching Nia Long. I must say that is one of my all-time favorite movies thus far.  Everything about that movie was what I desired my life to be. It made life look so good. Every character was different yet they reminded you of someone you knew. I enjoyed the urban scenery it displayed.  Everything from the record store, to the apartments they lived in, to the way the streets looked. Like the core essence of this blog, it was all things art, culture, style, and entertainment. Their conversation were not necessary politically correct but they were relevant. Guess what y’all, I found just that. Right here in Fayetteville, North Carolina. SWAE Night!

I was completely intrigued simply by the flyer. Upon seeing the flyer on Facebook I immediately changed my original plans so that I could attend and I am so glad I did.  As soon as I turned onto Anderson Street I was like Yasssss! I’m not sure when was the last time you visited downtown Fayetteville in the evening but Hunny let me tell you it’s nice. When I opened the door of my car I could hear the music. Anybody that knows me knows I'm a big music head so when I heard that bass you already know your girl’s head was bobbing to the beat as I walked down the street.  I didn't need to look at the numbers on the building because all I had to do was follow the crowd ahead. When I walked through the door it was over.

Nothing but positive vibes.  Black people, White people, Latino people, and Native American people just plan beautiful people.  The artwork was beautiful and urbanely eclectic. Paintings, photography, structural, industrial, jewelry, clothing, and even functional pieces were displayed throughout the room. For a moment I felt like Jill Scott in her "The Way" video.  You know the video where she gets lost while viewing art pieces in an art gallery. Yes, that was me.  Especially when I gazed closely into some of the photos.  The photography wall displayed powerful people at work.

The spoken word was all things thought provoking, funny, and true. Listening to the different speakers I went from laughing, to crying, to pumping my fist, and even snapping my fingers.  One of the speakers,Yolanda Barnes, was even bold enough to ask the audience for a word so that she could freestyle off the one word.  When someone shouted out “Pizza” and another shouted out “Panties”.  I thought to myself,  oh my, this is going to be good.  Hunny, let me tell you, it was better than good it was the absolute realiest piece of the night.

Swae 2

It was also beautiful to hear Stephanie Brown share her heart. Thank you Stephanie for putting this together. Also thank you for encouraging us all to research and study up on the things that effect out community. Especially when it come to HIV/AIDS Awareness.


I’m so looking forward to the next SWAE Night, July 28th.  If you’re free make sure to come out and support. Trust me you’re going to enjoy it just as much as I did.

Until next time, it’s your girl Lynnie with The Lux Blog.