A Pop of Color with Moni B. Cosmetics

 The first thing I really do is let people get to know me. The relationship you build is what's most important with great customer service.  - Moni Brodie

How has social media been a staple in your business? 

Social media has been it. It started with friends and family sharing my posts so that led to more people being more interested in the products. The first thing I really do is let people get to know me. Everyone has a lipstick line. It has become very popular when there was once a time when it was the bigger names like CoverGirl or Maybelline that you would see but now every girl has a lip gloss or lipstick. So what makes it personal is you being you. You bring your personality and I let people get to know me. They get to know me, my son, our relationship, and my life as a single mom. I think I started talking about it in February last year and by  the time I launched in October I had probably sold , without even people knowing who I was, I sold over $1,000 within just a few hours. I think it was that people got to really know me and felt like they were buying from a friend.

I believe with my corporate experiences I have a sound belief in great customer service. There are times when there is an issue with an order or something happens but I believe in ownership. Hey its my fault not yours here is a discount code.                 - Moni Brodie

What type of lipsticks and lip glosses do you have?

There are matte lipsticks, cream lipsticks, matte lip glosses, there is liquid to matte lip glosses that last all day, and then there are cream glosses as well. I'm looking to have more matte because it is really popular even though I was not a matte girl. Now that I'm always running around I can still look cute all day long without having to re-apply my gloss.


Your also a make-up artist. What type of services do you offer?

I started in New York and have been doing makeup in some form or fashion for over 20 years. Starting with mostly brides, I now provide makeup for performers, photographers, and television/movies.  My favorite would have to be movies and television/web series as you truly feel like you're creating magic with each character. Moni B. Cosmetics is also the official cosmetic line for Crush Photography Studios located in Durham, NC owned by Photographer/CEO Damien Prout. I also provide makeup group and individual classes as well as makeup shopping. Many people know us for cosmetics and don't realize we are full service and offer more than lipstick and lip gloss. Services can be booked directly on our website.

It's no pressure to purchase. I like to get to know my potential customers and I want them to get to know me. If you purchase today that's fine if not I will write down the colors for you that you really liked and that next time you come you will be ready. I've had people come back like the next day and buy. - Moni Brodie

Where are your store and product locations?

I'm located at Triangle Towne Center in Raleigh, NC. I also have had products at UNEAK Boutique but they are sold out right now so I will probably restock some more there soon. I also have products at Hairizon in North Gate Mall in Durham, NC. Right now I want to be able to touch, see, and feel where my products are so that is why I haven't branched out too far as of yet. I want to be able to have that control over where my products are and I wanted it to be slow-growing with a purpose. You can order online as well at MoniBCosmetics.com but for those that need to see it first before buying you can come to one of the locations.


My son created a lip balm for boys . I'm teaching him entrepreneurship.                          - Moni Brodie

What would you like for people to know about Moni B. Cosmetics? 

Moni B. Cosmetics I feel is leaning towards people who are afraid to wear make-up. Believing that a pop of color can bring color to your life. It's amazing how their composure or a little more pep in their step happens from a lip color. When they come to the counter they don't have on any lip color so when they try on that pop of color they are amazed. So one of the most important things about Moni B. Cosmetics is that we do not want women to be afraid of color. Plus, the quality of the products are very good. We get lots of customer's compliments and some of the larger brands are more expensive but we have a lot of the same colors at a more affordable price. Also, great customer service is very important. Our products are hypoallergenic. Actually, my parents passed away naturally and it was very sudden. I was talking to them one day and then the next they were gone. So because of that experience I am about celebrating life.


What's next for Moni Brodie? 

Well Lovers Lane is a web series I work with and I am the Glam Squad Supervisor.  There's an amazing team of hairstylists, MUA, and wardrobe stylists that work on the show. I lead the team. We just finished Season 3 now but you can check it out on YouTube.com or on their website. They are here in North Carolina so we have filmed in Goldsboro, Durham, Cary, and we are looking to start shooting Season 4 in September. Its growing and getting better. I'm also getting ready for my anniversary event as well later this Fall.


Moni Brodie is taking her brand to the next level and her detail to offering quality vs. quantity has been her blended recipe for success. As a mother her son gets to watch from behind-the-scenes the building of her brand and the keys of entrepreneurship with purpose. Her faith, family, and genuineness to her customers has made her a brand to watch. Her story of triumph is truly inspiring and she's adding a pop of color wherever she goes. It was indeed a pleasure interviewing Ms. Moni Brodie so make sure you keep up with all things Moni B. Cosmetics on her social media outlets!

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