In the Kno with Domo!

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You know how much we love radio personalities at The Lux Blog and each interview just keeps getting better! I've always wondered how did they get their start? Why did they decide to be on the radio? Better yet, what's the person like behind the voice we hear on our favorite stations? Some the most profound times I have are in my car driving and on this particular day I was channel surfing on the radio. I heard this really exciting and fun female voice, that by assumption of course, I just imagined was an African-American woman like me. So I stay tuned, laughed for a few, and heard some great mixes in-between. The station was The Pulse FM 96.9FM & 102.5FM which is a popular Top 40 station here in NC. So time goes by and then I meet "the voice" in-person at non other than the 2016 Art of Cool Festival. You know the festival where once a year all the really cool people hang out with even cooler musicians, entertainers, and creatives in Durham, NC. She is Radio Personality, Media Maven, Blogger, and whom I like to call the Purple Diva Ms. Domo. We had a great time over lunch talking about her career, celebrity experiences, her reality show, and what's next for her.

So here's how it all went down......


What was your journey of becoming a radio personality like?

My journey of becoming a Radio Personality was hard. I actually thought it was never going to happen. I went from interning at Radio One and thinking I was going to get a job there after graduation to moving to NY and working at Sony Music. After a while of applying and having interviews in markets like San Francisco and DC with the opportunity not being right, I almost gave up. Three years later and look at me now!

What has been one of your favorite interviews or best red carpet experiences?

My favorite interview is hard because every experience is different. It was fun to joke with YG and get deep with Nipsey Hussle, plus getting relationship advice from Rob Hill Sr., but I might have to say Ty Dolla Sign. Only because his interview went viral and opened new doors for me. Outside of all of that, my interview with Australian singer Grace. I loved talking to her about how she connected with Quincy Jones and how that relationship has manifested.


How is the experience with working at Pulse FM?

I love working at The New Pulse FM. It has given me the opportunity to expand my brand to a genre that I also enjoy. It also helps to push me out of my comfort zone and really allow me to grow in my craft. Known for my involvement with the Urban genre and to be able to expand to the Top 40/Pop Genre has now taken me from BET to E! News like Terrence J and in order to grow successfully in this industry, you must be willing to do more and be more.

Tell us about the creation of The KNO Show?

Well, the KNO Show was a thought back in 2013 that just didn’t work out. I wanted what I wanted without any compromise and finally got it. One day my Executive Producer and friend Headgraphix was talking and he said he wanted to work on something with me. Crazy thing is, I always wanted to work with him as well, but I wanted it to be beneficial for him as well because he’s the best out here. There’s no director touching him, and that kind of quality, you really must appreciate. I told him about the KNO Show, told him how hands on I wanted him to be, and magic has been made.

What can we expect to see on Bella Bosses from your perspective?

Growth. Each girl is in a position in their life where they want more for themselves and for those around them. So just look forward to seeing everyone grow.

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What's next for Domo?

Honestly, IDK. lol… crazy to hear In the KNO Domo not KNO.. but it’s true. I’m at a point in my life where, I’m done planning. I’m aiming for the stars and allowing faith to get me there. I will say, breaking a new artist, growing in the entertainment field as the one need to have on your team are goals for the next year, and getting on TV.

Domo's journey in entertainment has taken her to the next level with experiences with corporate brands and major record labels she has become a sought after media personality. Her publicist work with Medium PR Agency and of course being on your radio daily at The Pulse FM is a testament to her level of focus. Her story shows us that there is strength in remaining focused on your goals. We wish continued success to Domo and her upcoming projects so make sure you follow her so you too can stay In the Kno with Domo!

Until next Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog. - K. Knight