Experiencing Blackness: Black August in the Park


Happy Tuesday Luvs! IMG_20160821_134130

I hope each of you had an amazing weekend and ready for an even better week! Mine was filled with lots of family moments. I celebrated my father's 63rd birthday and I attended "Black August in the Park" which felt like a Black Family Reunion at its best. Soon as I parked I could hear the music flowing through Downtown Durham. Our meeting place was Durham Central Park and our reason to celebrate our Blackness. Our culture. Our people. Our music. Our food. Our fashion. Our community. Our blackness. It was simply beautiful to see the unification. The best part was seeing so many familiar faces. The Founders are Crystal Taylor, Moses Ochola, JaNell Henry, Joshua Gunn and Derrick Beasley. The Vault at the Palace International, J. Cardinal Events, Parrish Street, LLC, and The Underground Collective are businesses that are apart of the fabric of this cultural event. Each of them individually and collectively are powerhouse change agents in our Durham community.


The vendors were awesome! Kudos to all of the food trucks and restaurant booths your food smelled divine! Aromas of curry, coconut, freshly fried fish, and chicken filled Durham Central Park all afternoon. A few I will mention I enjoyed was JC's Food Truck, The Palace International Restaurant, and Fahsyrah's Lemonade all were incredibly delicious! Not to mention I learned about this Black female-owned wine company called Seven Sisters that's making national success with their premium wine selection.


The music was simply perfect on this beautiful sunny Sunday! DJ Rem.e and DJ Complex provided the mixes for our entertainment enjoyment. Whether you wanted to "Cupid Shuffle" or rock to Drake every bit of hip hop and soul was represented. It felt like we were at a family reunion or HBCU Homecoming where everyone knew one another previously. It was a great moment to experience and the music just intensified that. People even danced in the rain and experienced a beautiful rainbow after a warm Summer  rain shower.


Overall, it was a majorly dope experience! It made me really appreciate being apart of a cultural movement that's taking place in Durham. We are a body of creatives that through our own talents we can collective create dopeness at its highest potential. I love that nearly every season there are annual events forming that we all look forward. A creative safe haven where we will all meet again to experience this type of euphoric kinship. We are a tribe. I truly believe if we continue to unify there is no way that NC can't be recognized for our incredibly gifted people especially in Durham.


Until next time Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog- K. Knight