Destined for Greatness: Nelson J. Davis

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I hope your week has been most pleasant especially after Labor Day Weekend and guess what the weekend is almost here! So one of my new favorite past times lately has been watching web series. A special thank you to Moni Brodie owner of Moni B. Cosmetics whom was on The Lux Blog a few weeks ago. She said in her interview that she was a apart of the glam team for the hit web series Lovers Lane and so naturally I had to go check out the show for myself. I became an instant fan and I found myself staying up to the late hours of the night watching episode by episode. I had to know what would have next to each character and before I knew it I had subscribed to the channel on YouTube for updates. All it takes is one episode and you will be hooked. One character in particular has his own following and the #GabeNation is a united front of devoted fans to actor Nelson J. Davis. Born in Okinawa, Japan by way of Jacksonville, NC this heartthrob actor and model has become the desired eye candy across our computer screens. We had a chance to chat about how his career started, life on Lovers Lane , and what's next for Nelson J. Davis.

So here's how it all went down.......

What made you decide to become an actor and model? 

I've been into acting since I was in the 4th grade. That's when I really became interested in acting and I was actually in the Drama Club. So at that point I did realize I wanted to act but plays was not what I wanted to do. The first play I was in was The Wizard of Oz and I actually ended up being an understudy for another character but I was playing a munchan. At that point that's when I realized that alot of acting and entertainment business had alot to do with politics. I know the only reason they chose the person to play the lion was because their mother was the President of the PTA.

What was your first lead starring role? 

My first speaking role in a movie that was released nationwide through Redbox and the name of the movie was "24 Hours" (Soul City Films). It was really special to me because I've always dreamed of playing a detective in those types of shows like a Law & Order or Criminal Minds. Crime dramas are my favorite types of shows and I actually got to play a detective in this film.


How did the web series opportunity happen?

I'm really into the business side as well. I read something that said, "Deliver your audience free content and they will repay you later." I want to get into producing soon too so I feel if I give my audience free content like a web series then when I'm producing movies maybe they will support those. Its also good practice for the bigger projects as well and good footage for your demo reel. I have a growing fan base and I see that the web series is a great platform to deliver my content to my supporters.

What was your first web series? 

My first web series was called At the Shop and I was a barber in that series. It was from a company called 440 Films based out of Raleigh and named after the highway there. The name of the Director and Producer was Dontay Artis.

Tell us about your character Gabe and how you became apart of Lovers Lane.

He's a personal trainer that lives on Lovers Lane and technically he's still married but he has a very big appetite for the women. His wife basically gives him a free pass so he basically be with any other woman he wants to if he follows these simple rules. Those rules are no video tapes, no friends, no babies. Some how he manages to break all 3 rules. He has a good heart he just has a big appetite for the ladies. I was a big fan of the Creator of the series, Karlton Clay, and his series Karma. I knew I wanted to act in that series so I started supporting it by sharing it on my page. We connected on Facebook and another group of people he wanted to work with so I was one of those. So he wanted to develop this series. So I didn't have to audition for the character of Gabe it was kind of already written for me.

Have tunnel vision and keep looking that way. Your going to have distractions and people trying to disturb you. Come up with goals and keep it to yourself because you will have people tell you that you can't do it. - Nelson J. Davis

What can we expect for this upcoming season with Gabe?

I think you will see a little bit of maturity and growth going on.

How is it acting with a character like Gabe with such personal scenes? 

I try to really put myself in the shoes of that character and I try to make myself feel a certain way about the people around me. I really try to become the character when I'm playing them.

Why did you decide to start modeling?

Acting was always my first love however when your trying to break into the industry and you don't have any experience they say you should try modeling to get your name out there. So it kind of happened that way. I use to model for Citi Trends so I did a couple of print work campaigns for them.

Upcoming projects?

I have a short film out now called A Wicked Heart and its about 22 minutes.

Nelson J. Davis is one of the hottest faces on the North Carolina acting scene and his diverse levels of acting have spanned him a career to watch. His story about pursing his childhood dreams is an example of how we are only thing standing in the way of our goals. So never stop dreaming. His charismatic acting skills, modeling sex appeal, and entertainment business savvy sets him apart in his own lane. Make sure you follow him on your social media and we wish continued success to Nelson J. Davis with his future endeavors.

Until next time Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog. - K. Knight