Mid-Week Review: Vereen Fashion Productions Presents Purple Royalty

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We are at the midway point of the week! So this week we have a bonus blog posting about my experience at Vereen Fashion Productions Fashion Show. The Founder of Vereen Fashion Productions, Gerri, has been an entrepreneur offering professional services to her clients for nearly a decade. Her cutting edge events offer clients a diverse mix of couture and urban design. Its her charismatic approach to fashion that makes her a sought after event designer. Vereen Fashion Productions offers a wide-range of distinct services to cater to fashion driven event experiences. There services include but are not limited to hairstyling, fashion consulting, make-up, and fashion production.

Here's a mini-breakdown of what you can expect to experience with Vereen Fashion Productions.



It's been an amazing experience tonight. I've enjoyed networking and meeting people tonight. I'm ready for what's next. - Gerri, Founder of Vereen Fashion Productions

Hairstyling: Consultations are provided for prospective models, bridal parties, prom, or special events clients. A package is tailored to the needs of the client and event based on the client's need.

Fashion Consulting: A makeover experience that includes a personal shopping options, wardrobe consultations, and virtual makeover options for the client on the go. This service offers a one-on-one consultation service for overall personal style.

Make-up: A full-service make-up option to make your next special event even more fabulous. The service is not only applying the make-up but a consultation on how the client can continue to use make-up.

Fashion Production: This service offers boldness and creativity to your fashion show or special event. The previously mentioned services are offered in-addition to model runway choreography that will bring a savvy flair to your next special event.

It was a breathtaking experience to watch especially after co-organizing a fashion show myself earlier this year. I have a greater appreciation for the production of a show of this magnitude and even more intriguing was seeing various designers from various parts of the United States. The variety of style and sophistication was as decadent as the tasty dessert treats we had. The models were stunningly beautiful and the music was just the right tempo to set a fashion atmosphere. It was indeed a pleasure attending this event and I look forward to supporting future projects. We at The Lux Blog wish continued success to Vereen Fashion Productions and all of your future endeavors.

Until next time Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog. - K. Knight