Social Mixing with DJ Rem.e

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Hello Weekend. I don't know about you but I've been counting down for this weekend to get here. So much is going on from between the Beats & Bars Festival, Art of Cool 5th Year Celebration, and today's post has his own social networking event at the Downtown Durham Aloft tonight! He is DJ Rem.e and he's one of the most sought after DJs in the Triangle bringing the hottest mixes of Neo Soul, R&B, and blends of Hip Hop. Its his acoustic soul vibe that makes him unique and a quintessential part of the fabric of our Durham culture. Whether you've seen him at Mixtape Mondays at Beyu Caffe, Art of Cool Festival, or on the turntables at Black August in the Park he creates a musical atmosphere to delight his audience. He's a fellow Eagle from North Carolina Central University and originially from Fayetteville, North Carolina. We got a chance to chat over Starbucks about his love of music, community connection, and what's next for DJ Rem.e

So here's how it all went down........

How did you get started into Djing?

Growing up I've always love music so me and my friends would find unique ways to listen to music. I had a neighbor that was from New York and he use to record alot of the New York Stations like WBLS , KISS FM with DJ Red Alert and Marly Marl, and so from there I learned a lot about hip hop stuff that did not make its way to North Carolina radio. I guess that broadened my musical horizon and I've always liked all types of music. How I got started deejaying was for money. A friend of mine, Ahmad, who use to run this bar if you remember The Republic in Downtown Durham but they use to have different DJs here and there but never one consistent DJ. So we had a conversation where he basically told me to get my equipment, get straight, and that could be you up there. So that's what I did and it kind of took off from there.

What do you feel is the greatest aspect and biggest challenge of being a DJ? 

One of the greatest parts is vibing with the people and being able to communicate with the people through music. I think that's a skill not too many people think about or that comes to mind but you have to read your crowd. You have to see what type of vibe that is coming from them and be able to identify that. It's a great feeling. One of the big challenges is sometimes the people look at a DJ like a jukebox so one of the challenges is you may have someone make a request but they don't understand the whole vibe the DJ is going for. That's the dj's job not theirs and you have to be able to handle that. So you have to be a people person to understand that.

Alot of people started coming in hearing my mixes and then I moved up to doing certain events such as special events or weddings. - DJ Rem E.

What is your event selection process like when choosing a DJ job? 

I think I have a very soulful and eclectic style of me. I love alot of 70s Soul and Funk as well as Neo Soul. I love music with substance so that goes with the style of venue or event I go with. I love variety and especially in this area there is alot of good music from different genres here.


I think alot of times DJs get stuck in one genre of music but if you travel to see what other DJs are doing across the country you realize there is alot of great music out there.  - DJ Rem E.

What are some of the most rememberable events you've done so far that have inspired you?

Black August in The Park definitely. Also, last year I did a birthday party for my homegirl Margaret and I deejayed in-between sets with Zoo Cru as well as other groups she had. I think the chemistry that we had that night was off the chain.

What's next for DJ Rem E?

I'm trying to bring a few events to the Durham area. Right now I'm having an event at Arcana on Thursdays called Soul Below. I'm just focusing on Durham having a few more options and people drive outside of Durham to go to other places. We have a few things but I think we could have more options.

What's on your Summer Playlist?

I listen to alot of 70s. I do listen to alot of Hip Hop that may not make the radio and Neo Soul. Right now I'm listening to Eric Roberson and Phonte's new project, Tigallero, and my homeboy Sheldon Williams produced a track on there. There is an album by Black Milk and The Nat Turner Band that I am listening to which is super dope. I'm listening to Anderson. Paak, The Foreign Exchange, 9th Wonder, and Rapsody are what I'm currently listening to.

DJ Rem.e is known for his soulful mixes and eclectic vibes through his music. Its his creative sense of detail that attracts audiences to him and he gives us an experience in the midst of the event. I've been to a few events of his and each time was a lasting impression. I get to hear the music I love to listen to that's not on the radio in a social setting. Speaking of which as soon as I post this blog I'm headed to his event at the Durham Aloft tonight. If you have time before 9:30pm make sure you drop in and tell him The Lux Blog sent you.

Until next time Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog. - K. Knight