The Adventures of a Real Life Superdad

Happy Wednesday Luvs! Lynnie From The Lux interviewed Children's Author Blaine Way about his career as a self-published author, serving in the military, and his adventurous life with his 3 little ones that he affectionately calls his "minions". Finding the balance between his career, family, and academic goals is perseverance at its best. Currently, he's pursing his Bachelor's Degree in Project Management. So check out this insightful post about this young man's aspirations to be the next children's book phenomenon!

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Have you ever read a book that was so similar to your own life that you wonder if you were being pranked?  Seriously, this happened to me while reading the oh so funny “Adventures of Superdad".  This book had me laughing until my side was hurting. I have to admit I was very surprised because the book is listed as a children’s book but in all honesty it really should be listed as a family book.  It’s a book that every family can relate to. The book, which is part one of a series to come in the near future, is about a single father that is raising three beautifully active kids. What makes the book even more special is that the author, like myself, is from the 910. Somebody say, "Bucktown, Bucktown."

I had the pleasure of chatting with Mr. Blaine Way.  Check out what he had to say!

What inspired you to write this book?

While living in Hawaii I would call my mom to vent.  She would laugh and then tell me I should write it I down.  I used to write when I was in school and I had so much going on in the beginning so I would write a little here and there. Eventually, it developed into a book and I allowed some of my close friends to read it.  After receiving such great feedback from them I decided to get it published.


So is the book solely based on your day to day experiences?

Yes, my kids are full of energy and there is always something going on.  I would have my family and friends cracking up over the things I would tell them.

 I love the way you began the book by giving a description of each child.  That was the coolest part for my children.  They were able to identify from the start. So throughout the book they were looking for the characters they could relate to and of course I completely related to your character.  The part when you got off a little early and tried to get a break.  Classic. My daughter asked me why I was laughing so hard?  You can tell form the jump start of this book that your kids are your everything. - Lynnie from The Lux

How did they respond to the book?   What did your kids have to say knowing this book was mainly about their life?  Was it hard for them?

They love it.  My middle child, the youngest daughter, actually took a copy of the book to share with her teacher.  Her teacher in turn shared it with their school principal.  The cool part is the school principal actually called to request a copy for herself.  My other two they think its cool too.  They think they are famous especially my son.


I’m sure it’s cool to have a dad that writes children’s books. Especially at their age.  Has it been a major adjustment for you with the book being out?

Well, sometimes I’m a little surprised by the fact that so many people know about the book.  Like I can be in the mall or something and I’ll hear a little kid tell their mom look there goes Superdad.  I actually had a funny experience while in the mall this little boy was extremely excited.  He kept pulling on his mother but she didn’t really know what was going on. He kept saying,  "Mom mom, he’s super dad, he’s super dad." I walked over and asked, "How did he like the book and if he had a copy?"  My kids love that stuff but for me its still kinda new.

What would you like to say to a single father that may be reading this who’s struggling to do it all?

I know its difficult for us good fathers out here even though you may not get the credit or recognition you deserve. There isn't anything you can't do without a good plan and support system to help you stay focused and consistent. So hang in there and keep pushing through whatever struggles you may be enduring.

What can reader's expect from your upcoming book Triple Trouble? 

This gets knee-deep into like the ups and downs of parenthood. It talks about the things that kids put us through. The first book, "Back to School", was like an intro to talk about the family and some of the mini problems but "Triple Trouble" gets more into the bigger problems like about punishments.

How was your experience self-publishing your book been and do you have any advice for other writers? 

Being self-published takes some work you have to do research with companies you want to go through. You have to look at your copyright, royalties, and paperwork so again you have to do your research. Another thing is staying motivated because when you sign with a company (publishing house) you have someone motivating you but with self-publishing its at your own pace so at some moments you may get discouraged. Plus, it costs a lot of money, doing self promotions, paying for the book, and lots of things you have to pay for to get the book out there.


I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing this.  So often you hear about the single mother but not the single dad.  I know there are a lot of single dad’s out there that are happy that you put this book out.

Yea, you’re right, single fathers don’t get a lot of praise, but we’re out here.

How have your military experiences cultivated your relationship with your children as a parent? 

I've learned from the military how to be disciplined, use time management, and be focused on whatever decision or choice I make. While there are some strategies I've taken from the military for punishment like writing essay and cleaning details (which my kids hate). I wouldn't change my experience I gained from serving in the military. I've literally been everywhere around the world which is priceless. I served in the Army 9 honorable years.


We at The Lux Blog wish continued success for Blaine Way and all of his future endeavors.

Until Next Time Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog- Lynnie From The Lux