Building Her Kingdom: Rae'Shawnda Burgess

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Rae'Shawnda Burgess- Founder of Queens & Cocktails and Queens Unlimited Inc.        Follow @Superiorrae and @QueensandCocktails on Instagram

Celebrating femininity and the empowerment of women is an inspiring aspect. The rise of women in business and partaking in entrepreneurship opportunities keeps increasing. Locally, we like to celebrate such achievers. Our blog post features the Managing Director for Professional Motives, Founder & Project Manager of Queens & Cocktails, and Founder of Queens Unlimited Inc. Rae'Shawnda Burgess. Originally, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina but her family resides in Washington, D.C her roots of business and entrepreneurship are branching here in the Triangle area. She's an alumnus of North Carolina Central University from the School of Business with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. We had an opportunity to chat about her business goals, her definition of being a Queen, and what's next for her organizations.


So here's how it all went down......

What was your inspiration behind Queens & Cocktails?

So with the industry that I'm in right now which is Business Development and Management I do things from the brainstorming process to implementing a strategic plan. Then after seeing the success of that plan moving forward I reflect on how we can expand. This field is very male-dominated and I found after researching its really that we don't collaborate like we should as women. Its more so I have to handle this by myself with a more independent attitude. So I wanted to create a platform where other women could connect with one another to see what other women are doing on a personal and professional aspect. I don't want to miss out on networking opportunities so I thought about how I could create a way for women to network as well as listen to the music they like.

On a queen level I'm thinking you are the ruler over your own destiny. I'm an advocate for women being queen-like and that's why I created Queens & Cocktails.

- Rae'Shawnda Burgess

What type of organization is Queens Unlimited Inc.? 

Queens Unlimited is more so educational. Its the workshop aspect of Queens & Cocktails and the movement we are trying to build. On a larger scale some women don't want to socialize because they are working on some other things. So why not create a platform where women can talk about issues like domestic violence, need help with financial literacy, and then gear it towards the same things. Its an option to be able to network and socialize.

What types of workshops do you offer? 

I'm kicking of Queens Unlimited workshops in 2017. I'll start doing more workshops and seminars because we just completed the non-profit paperwork. I do "Black, Bold, and Bout It" workshops which are geared towards advancing in the financial industry, I do financial investment workshops, and brand identity workshops as well. We have events that will be going on in Charlotte, Boston, Atlanta, and North Carolina. I'm trying now to gain the support of my people because I can't do it by myself. The goal is to be able to have brand ambassadors in other areas and I feel we have the necessary resources to do what we need to do. I can move Queens & Cocktails all around the world if people help me because I can't do it all by myself. This whole movement is bigger than us!


What type of organizations are you interested in working with? 

We are currently looking for people that are interested in vending opportunities especially for when we travel. We are looking for artists that are willing to travel as well and sponsors that are interested in seeing this movement go forward. Whether its to be hands-on volunteering passing out flyers or bringing your skills to the organization. I want to be able to have more people out there. I'm looking for people that can assist with their own skill sets and if you feel you can offer those skills to the organization be sure to reach out to us.


What are your personal interests?

I love fishing and traveling. I probably go every other weekend. Its so relaxing! I really love to read one book a week but I've been so busy.


Being a Queen is not easy I'm sure, what are things you like to do to pamper yourself?

I love to try things with my hair so I switch it up very fast. As for my nails I go to Fina's Beauty Bar and you can get everything done there! I love to get massages as well.


Do you have any upcoming events?

We will have on Saturday, October 8th, our Queens & Kings Day Party Extravaganza "Secure the Throne" from 3-7pm at Ego Entertainment Complex. We will have vendors, live music, a DJ, lots of networking, and giveaways. It will be a good event with quality networking. Many people have asked why are you doing it with men? I want to point this out. There are many levels to being a Queen. A lot of people think about feminism when you mention being a Queen but this is an event geared towards the relationship. We want to invite males because we believe they are Kings and from our previous event when they've interacted its a different level of respect verse a night club.


Rae'Shawnda Burgess has created a brand to inspire and empower women from all walks of life. Its her passion for creating a space where women can openly discuss their stories or aspirations that makes her one to watch. The Lux Blog wishes continued success in all of her future endeavors and we encourage you to follow her on social media!

Until next time Ladies & Gentleman this is The Lux Blog - K. Knight