The Lux Life: The Lux Blog Celebrates 2 Years of Blogging Success

Written By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Deryle Daniels Jr. 

Happy Monday Luvs! 

I would like to dedicate this blog to my team and subscribers. We are welcoming 4 new team members. Writer Christal Forrest from Eastern NC is on our writer's team! Photographers Jeffrey Williamson, Deryle Daniels Jr., and Monte Caldwell are on our photographer's team!


Lynnie, thank you for being the behind the scenes creative force. Your dedication to The Lux Blog has been amazing. You've been here from the very start and watched the brand grow from less than 10 subscribers to where we are today. That type of support is invaluable and I appreciate you sharing your light of creativity. Your platform of Grown Woman 24/7 has inspired many women to not only be empowered momentarily but to explore their personal journey as life lessons. Lynnie is the Editor of The Lux Blog, Founder of Grown Woman 24/7 Blog, full-time student, and motivational speaker. Follow her @Lynnie.910. 

Contributing Writers:


Anthony "V8ga" Hilliard:

Vg8a, thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Even in the beginning you supported the vision and now that your on the team you are apart of the rich culture of writing we've created. Your articles enlighten us with messages of hope and inspiration. I know you will continue to strive for your goals all while enjoying life at the same time! One of my favorite blog post's by you is when you reviewed the Art of Cool Festival. V8ga is a Contributing Blogger of The Lux Blog and owns Hilliard Transportation, a local-owned transportation company located in Eastern North Carolina. Follow him @v8ga252.


Vanessia Johnson:

Vanessia, thank you for sharing your gifts of writing and spiritual beauty. It's been wonderful watching you grow as a writer, woman, and now wife over the past 11 months. Your articles are inspiring and they bring a sense of faithfulness to our readers which is empowering. Your online platforms "Church is My Club" and "Remove the Zipper" have encouraged so many young people when it comes to their spiritual journey and healing from sexual abuse. I know you will continue to do well in all your endeavors. One of my favorite blog's was your interview with author Vonsia Garris. Vanessia is a Contributing Blogger for The Lux Blog and Alumni of North Carolina State University. Follow her @vmelegance. 


Tynique Kelly: 

Tynique, thank you for sharing your fun and fashionable personality. It's been great getting to know you and to see how much you have grown creatively over the past few months. Your articles bring out a more transparent side of the people you interview and your professionalism speaks volumes. Your YouTube channel, MZTTYL, talks about issues that everyone can relate to from family relationships, dating, fashion, and fitness. I know you will continue to inspire thousands and promote empowerment for women. One of my favorite interviews is the one you had with artist Avery Sunshine. Tynique is a Contributing Blogger for The Lux Blog, MZTTYL YouTube Channel Content Creator, Publicist for The Lux Public Relations Agency, and Event Host. Follow her @Tynique_mzttyl. 


Dr. Katherine Jordan: 

Katherine, thank you for sharing your interest in technology and current events. It's been a beautiful experience reconnecting with a high school classmate to create with. Your articles are insightful in the areas of politics, current events, and technology. Your goals of encouraging our youth to seek careers in technology speaks to the great works you have done in your own career. One of my favorite articles was when you interviewed the organizers of Black Girls Code-Raleigh-Durham Chapter. I know you will continue to inspire and spark the mind of our young generation to pursue technology. Dr. Katherine Jordan is aContributing Blogger for The Lux Blog, Industrial & Systems Engineer, and graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Follow her 

Contributing Photographers: 


Torrey Swain: 

Torrey, thank you for sharing your with us your gift of photography and videographer. It's admiral the work that you do for your church and community organizations. You've captured great moments for us like when you did photos for entrepreneur Damien Brodie of the Durham Beard Supply Company. Your work speaks for you and your images tell a story beyond the writer's words. Your public service to our community is uplifting and I'm honored to call you my Masonic Brother. I know you will continue to do great works in our community and beyond. Torrey is a Contributing Photographer to The Lux Blog, works in Customer Service Operations and a member of Doric Lodge #28, PHA. Follow him @swain_the_network. 


Alex Anderson:

Alex, thank you for your fresh perspective of photography. Your images capture the essence of those you photograph and I just love how you create moments with your images. Beyond photography, I admire your work as a a Case Manager and your passion to serve those less fortunate in our community. One of my favorite photos of yours is when you took photos of Common with his fist in the air at DPAC for Art of Cool Festival. A symbolic moment of unity for each of us at the concert that night. Getting to know you has been a joy and I look forward to seeing what other creative things you will do! Alex is a Contributing Photographer to The Lux Blog, partner of Community Expert Solutions, LLC, Founder of AfroCurl Photography, and Alumni of North Carolina Central University and UNC-Greensboro in areas of Public Health. Follow her @Afrocurls. 


Indiana Giordani: 

Indiana, thank you for being our video girl. Your videos not only highlight events but they cover a wide range of the event we are covering. I love how you pitch places we should explore and the drive you have shines brightly in every image. My favorite so far has been your video of the "Beauties and Brains" Brunch at the beautiful 21 C Hotel. The viewer is able to feel an interactive experience by watching. I've enjoyed getting to know you and I can't wait to see what you do with our The Lux Blog YouTube Channel in 2018. Indiana is a Contributing Videographer of The Lux Blog, Filmmaker/Editor of The People's Channel, and is launching her own sexual health blog soon. Follow her @IndianaGiordani. 


Dr. Allison Mathews:

Allison, thank you for bringing your ideas and perspectives to The Lux Blog. Your photos tell a story and I appreciate with all the hats that you wear your dedication to the blog. I admire your passion for HIV cure research and I'm thankful to work with you here as well as 2BeatHIV. My favorite photo so far was of Marcus Anderson during his concert in Cary. We could see a lot of passion and pain on the stage that night and you captured it perfectly. I've enjoyed getting to know this creative side of you and I know you will continue to do great things. Allison is a Contributing Photographer to The Lux Blog, Postdoctoral Fellow at UNC, Founder of the 2BeatHIV project, Founder of Community Expert Solutions, LLC, and Founder of Allison Mathews Photography. Follow her @_allisonmathews.

Wow, I can't believe The Lux Blog is 2 years old. I think back to our very humble beginnings of just me and my selfie stick. Lol. I was at events at least 3-4 times a week capturing moments, networking, and writing about happening events in the Raleigh-Durham area.  Fall of 2016, Lynnie and I decided it was time for a team. So in January this year we added 9 new people to our team and the rest has been creative history. It's been great getting to know each of them and to see their creativity shine so brightly. Many have been contracted for other opportunities in the areas of photography, writing, and event hosting. We have reached 13, 350 email subscribers and over 350,000 views a day. We've created a platform for the local politician, small business owner, festival curator, media personality, or visiting celebrity. Not bad for 2 years. 

People often ask me why did I start The Lux Blog? 

I was looking for an outlet at first but once I became a member of the creative community in this area I saw the need for the blog to exist. There is no other blog like us. Our focus is not to belittle the people we encounter but to uplift their stories. 

So now that we are 2 years old, have team members, hosted events, and have become a well-known media outlet in NC, what should we do next?

Well, it's simple and complex. I would like to see us to continue to grow in team members and content. However, I want to make sure that we are giving back to the community that supports us so much. So this upcoming year you will see more philanthropy efforts and events from us. I want our blog to increase in value not only financially but in service. 

Overall, I wouldn't change this experience to be a lifestyle blogger. I've met so many amazing people that live right here in North Carolina. There are so many hidden treasures from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Crystal Coast. There is so much to discover and we are just getting started. We've hosted many success events and partnered with local businesses. Thank you to our subscribers for supporting us on and offline. Thank you for your kind emails, messages, and social media posts about the work we do. You fuel the flame of creativity for us and without you we would not have the success we've been able to reach so far. 

A special thank you to the supportive media outlets in and outside of North Carolina. Your support means so much and thank you for considering us as apart of your respected media outlets. 

Lastly, our blog public service cause is HIV Awareness. Join us at the 2BeatHIV's HIV Cure Research Day Event on Thursday, December 14th! It's a free community event that's family friendly. We will be there covering the event and we look forward to your support!




Kimberly Knight