When Life Gives You Lemons Put On A Bowtie: A Conversation with Designer Robert Jamison

By: Tynique Kelly

Photo Credit: Alex of AfroCurl Photography

Follow Robert Jamison on Instagram @RobertJamisonCollection

Follow Robert Jamison on Instagram @RobertJamisonCollection

I'm sure we can all attest to the fact that life has its highs and its lows. The lows give us a time to reflect on the inner man and what he has to offer the world. Through tough times Robert Jamison taped into the entrepreneurial spirit that has been passed down in his family for generations.

Why did you chose fashion design as a career and where did the Robert Jamison Collection journey began?

There was always something in me that wanted to be a fashion designer, it was just a matter of “When are you going to do it?”. So after getting laid off in 2013 from my job I felt as though that was a perfect time. I started making bowties which expanded to men's suits and customer shirting.

When did you start wearing suits?

Growing up I would always see my father putting on a tie and dressing up so I would say I want to dress up too. So I started wearing suits as a small kid when I would attend church. All the other kids would be in basic wear but I enjoyed the reaction that I would get from people when I had on a suit. In elementary school around  4th or 5th grade, I was the kid on the playground when offered to play tackle football I would say “Man I’m not trying to get my jeans dirty”. In college, I was always dressed to impress for all occasions big or small which helped me to stand out.

What's the best part about doing what you love?

Building a relationship with the people and being able to assist in building the confidence of men who are not as fashionable. Teaching them how to put pieces together, the outcome and seeing how happy they are, and having the clients return is the biggest satisfaction.

 Visit https://www.robertjamisoncollection.com/ for fine men's suit and clothing options. 

I like to play around with the different details of my suits. It may come down to a specific inner lining, color under the collar of your lapel, or the fit of the suit. - Robert Jamison

We at The Lux Blog wish Mr. Jamison great success in his future endeavors and we encourage our subscribers that are interested in fine menswear to contact Mr. Jamison. 

Tynique Kelly