She Means Business: Dr. Sheria D. Rowe Talks DRowe Enterprises and Life in Academia

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Dr. Sheria D. Rowe is a an entrepreneur, professor, and department chair at St. Augustine University. Her pathway to success has been one of late nights and early mornings. The past year has been enlightening working with Dr. Rowe as I've interviewed a few of her public relations firm's clients. Her academic achievements are a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from St. Augustine University, Master's Degree in Information Science with a concentration in Management from North Carolina Central University, and a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Women's Studies from Argosy University. Her volunteer efforts are with the Go Red for Women, American Breast Cancer Foundation, and Alzheimer's Association. She is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Sheria D. Rowe about her career in public relations, higher education, and what's next for her in 2017.

So here's how it all went down....

How was the experience self-publishing your first book?

I got a lot of great reviews. I was kind of scared at first because I'm kind of telling my story in fictional form but it feels good. 

What made you decide to write a fictional story?

It started off as an academic paper to be published in a business journal but when I met my publisher Terez of Brookshire Book Group he said I should put it into something more entertaining. So that's how I wrote the book "White Collar, Black Pump". 


What was your ultimate goal for your readers? 

To be able to relate especially with Black women because we do have issues in corporate. Things like discrimination or being different because of our color or race so I wanted to put something in writing where they could relate to the characters. 

How did your career in public relations begin?

It started off as business consulting and I met Sabrina Little and she said I had that drive to do PR (public relations). Wade Banner was actually my first client 5 years ago and I got into the entertainment industry as well as lifestyle brands.  Now I want to reach other levels like the McDonald's and BET's corporate brands per say versus just personal brands which I do enjoy both. 

Making my clients happy has been the best experience when it comes to PR and helping them reach their career goals. - Dr. Sheria Rowe

Tell us about your position at St. Augustine University. 

I'm the Department Chair for the Computer Information Systems Department but I teach Business, Management and, CIS courses. I'm the youngest professor and Ph.D on campus so I can relate to my students a lot plus they like seeing a younger face in the classroom. 

What is it like being the youngest professor and Ph.D on campus? 

I never tell my age to my students but they have tried to guess my age. I've gotten 24 or 25 and I'll take it. Still, it's definitely challenging working with professors that have been there for 15 or 20 years being a new face. Some people are not open to change at first but I'm optimistic. 

What initiative have you spearheaded on campus that you are most proud of ?

This is the 2nd year of the "Women in Business" Summit which was on March 30th and the women students who showed up got to see that view of corporate while bringing it to the academic side.


What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I am still working on  this "work life balance" thing. I love academic reading and just sitting in my house while its quiet reading a good book. This generation is not really into reading books but there is a lot of information in them. Plus, I love to travel and I plan on doing some international traveling this year. 

What would you like people to know about you?

I am very diverse. I can do academics, entertainment, and I can write. A lot of people don't know I was on a music scholarship when I was at St. Augustine University and I played the flute. So yes music payed for my education.

So what's next for Dr. Sheria D. Rowe?

Well book two will be coming out in 2017. Also, some good things with the company such as services and other brands. I'll be working on the t-shirt line "I'm Not Mean I Mean Business"  because the stereotype on campus is I'm the mean professor but I'm not mean I just want you to get an education. I will be expanding and the next one will be "Glass Breaks I Don't" which is also a chapter in the book. It's coming out very soon!


Dr. Sheria D. Rowe's journey in higher education and business is one to watch. She's setting a tone for young African-American women to pursue their goals all while being fabulous at the same time. Whether you catch her at a business conference or celebrity red carpet one thing will remain the same. It's that warm smile, kind presence, and driven spirit that you will see each time you meet. Every interview I learn a new life lesson and take away a piece of inspiration. This time it was "embrace your diversity". I admire how she juggles so many different talents because so do I but there are times where the balancing act can be intense. It's empowering to meet other African-American women who are multi-talented and have molded their gifts into businesses. We at The Lux Blog wish Dr. Sheria D. Rowe continued success in her future endeavors. 

Until Next Time Ladies & Gentleman This Is The Lux Blog. - Kimberly 

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