NC Stars Shine Bright at "All Eyez on Me" Private Screening: Hosted by Brian Dawson of K97.5

Written By: V8ga & K. Knight

Content Edited By: Kimberly Knight

Photographer: Kit Marlowe of We Personally

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Happy Monday Luvs!

This weekend the highly anticipated Tupac biopic film "All Eyez on Me" was released in theaters on Friday, June 16th. Fan, critics, and conspiracy theorists of the lyricist and poet we know of as Tupac Shakur have given mixed reviews on the Benny Boom directed film. However, The Lux Blog was invited to a private screening the night before at Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille at Parkside Town Commons. The atmosphere was nothing short of entertaining and its always great to see fellow peers in media or entertainment. Personally, from a Tupac fan's perspective I enjoyed the film it opened my eyes to some things I had questioned nearly 20 years ago and made me wonder what would the state of Hip Hop be like if he had lived. Would he have transcended beyond rapping like Jay-Z and built a global empire for the West Coast? Would the notable artists we place in our Top 5 be at the top? What would have been his platform on social injustice of Black men in America? All these questions and more I wondered as I watched the actors replay the life of the man we know as Tupac. I was in 10th Grade at the time of his passing and I remember looking at MTV in shock that it was reality. He was a pinnacle piece of my Hip Hop education and to know that I wouldn't have the opportunity to go to a concert, hear another radio interview, or watch another video saddened me because I wondered why did his life have to be the price that needed to be paid?

A special thank you to Ms. Kortni Yarborough and Brian Dawson for inviting us to cover the event.

 - K. Knight 

Check out what our Contributing Blogger V8ga talks about his experiences that night and exclusive pictures from the private screening by our photographer Kit Marlowe.

I remember being on Snowden Dr. in  Wilson, North Carolina. I was sitting on a green energy box with my friends joking and laughing. I noticed a familiar car approaching. It was our friend Ronnie. He pulled up to the curb with his window down and yelled out, “He’s Gone, They killed him!”.  We all unanimously said, “Who?”, “What you talking about?”. He said, “Pac!, They killed Pac!”.  We felt like a member of our family was taken from us. The silence, looks of confusion, and complete sadness still resonate with me.

Fast forward twenty years later, I find myself walking into Frank Theaters CineBowl and Grill for a Red Carpet Premiere of “All Eyez on Me”. Not to mourn and wallow in grief, but to celebrate the life, the art, and the revolutionary that is Tupac Shakur.  I couldn’t help but smile and dance ,just a little bit, as ”I Get Around” played through the speakers. DJ Wade Banner mixed and entertained the privileged crowd. Its rare that North Carolina gets treated to such delicacies. Thanks go out to Brian Dawson for putting this beautiful event together.  Fans gathered in the theatre, expressing their excitement and anticipation. Cameras flashed as photographers captured images of North Carolina’s music and entertainment elite posed on the red carpet. A wide array of fashion was on display from shell toes and black tees, to heels, eye catching dresses, ties and oxfords.  Not that I know what a Hollywood premiere is like but I would imagine this couldn’t be too far from it.

Brian Dawson gave a brief speech confirming the rareness of what we were being blessed with, highlighting the praise-worthy people, and all the things that made the event possible. Even though the majority of us were sitting relaxed with our feet kicked up in recliners,  we were all excited with anticipation and wonder. Questions such as ” Will the lead actor be able to pull off Pac believably?” ,“Will this movie answer all the questions we’ve been waiting for?”, ”Will we get a closer look at the person we grew up loving and appreciating?”.  The movie was everything I could've hoped for and more. The event was a professional and exciting collection of true fans. It was an honor to be a part of such a classy and worthwhile affair.  I can’t imagine a better way to experience Tupac’s legacy.  But Most of all I saw it before my friends did lol….”Priceless”.

- V8ga out. It's The Lux

DJ Wade Banner & Brian Dawson of K 97.5

DJ Wade Banner & Brian Dawson of K 97.5

Kimberly Knight