Gettin' Wild: Raekwon's The Wild Tour Featuring Defacto Thezpian, Shame, and DJ Johnny Storm

Written By: Anthony “V8ga” Hilliard

Content Edited By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Kit Marlowe of We Personally

Pictured: (Left) Shout out to Raven!

Pictured: (Left) Shout out to Raven!

I arrived at the venue dressed in my Oxford loafers, khakis, and a button hat.  I parked and did my best Superman booth impression via car. I know the couple in the car in front of me had to be chuckling as I struggled with the door open in the rain, changing into my fatigues and black tee. As the rain continued to pour, I got to the door, showed my credentials, went through my pat down, and that's when I noticed I forgot something. I walked all the way back around the building getting soaking wet to the car just to get one item; my Ghostface autographed Wu Tang hat! This is rap, I was raised on Killabeez and there’s no way I’m leaving this spot without Lex Diamond’s signature next to Tony Starks! Raekwon headlined the show along with some of NC’s premiere artists.  DJ Johnny Storrm got the crowd warmed up with a barrage of hip hop that had the crowd reciting familiar bars. The Lux got a chance to ask @dj_johnnystorrm a few questions in between sets.

Pictured: DJ Johnny Storrm

Pictured: DJ Johnny Storrm

Where are you from?

Durham NC, Bull City Baby!

What made you start DJ’n?

Honestly, the art of deejaying. I followed people like DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Jam Master J.  I love music, but I love how you can put music together with other songs ,beats, blends, breaks, and scratches. That’s my love.  As far as this era, I watched Funkmaster Flex rock a party at A&T and he killed it, also DJ Paradime.

What’s one of your weird go-to records for the party?

“I’ll Be Around” Cee-Lo feat. Timbaland. No matter how the party’s going it’s a mood-switching song, I love that track.

What’s your guilty pleasure as far as music?

Fist pumping music, PitBull, Major Lazer, and Calvin Harris. I like the vibe of the music.

Pictured: Shame

Pictured: Shame

A familiar NC hero by the name of Shame blessed the stage setting the tone. He’s definitely a hard act to follow. Then DJ Storrm proceeded to spin the wheelz of steel as a young zaney dude by the name of Defacto Thezpian maneuvered all over the stage commanding attention. Defacto is a skilled M.C. and talented performer. I honestly had no idea what he was gonna do next and I found myself leaning against the speaker smiling fixated. Thez is the real deal. He’s lyrical, a great writer, entertainer, comedian, and if that wasn’t enough this guy had an energetic B-girl background dancer and mirrors. Seriously

Pictured: (Left to Right) Defacto Thezpian and V8ga

Pictured: (Left to Right) Defacto Thezpian and V8ga

How did you come up with the name Defacto Thezpian?

Long story short it was an inside joke with me and my cousin. We were trying to find a way to say real without saying the word "real". We found Defacto that’s a synonym for real and Thezpian because I used to be in theatre in high school and it literally means real actor.

Do you have any projects out currently?

It's out now, Burgundy Skylines, I released that mid-March. It’s the best project I’ve had thus far. I’m pushing it really hard. Expect videos coming out real soon.

Besides Rap what other music genres are you into?

I like Jazz and R&B of course. I do some Pop and some Rock. I like Electronic Music for the beats and stimulation.

What’s something about you most people wouldn’t know necessarily?

I’m good at imitating voices. I played a s#it load of sports. I can tap dance, more like river dancing. I got that from watching a tap dance show in New Jersey, so I can randomly tap dance. That’s what I send out to venues on my résumé  this year when i’m trying to get picked up, like ‘yo I rap and I tap dance'. 

Pictured: Raekwon

Pictured: Raekwon

Defacto finished his set as I waited  backstage for the Chef to come through, only to find out he never went backstage lol.  Raekwon literally sat blended in the back of the audience enjoying the show. He said he wanted to feel it from the fan perspective. Even though I was a little let down because i didn’t get much press time, I  thought it was admirable that he wanted to be like us. Not the legendary Wu-Tang member, but for the moment a fan of the culture. Rae took us through a journey from early Wu-Tang origins to solo "Purple Tape" medley’s, along with his current release “The Wild” . He rapped Wu records masterfully, reciting any Wu member verse he wanted. He even spit the whole “Triumph” song with the help of the audience all on one accord. This ride through time with Rae as the captain was phenomenal. On a more somber note, he expressed his pain in tribute by rapping songs by O.D.B and Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. You would think this would have dropped the mood, but it was the exact opposite. We celebrated the lives of these brilliant artists as if they were family. The show proved to be an exciting rollercoaster. Past, present, joy and pain, a true invitation into the Chef’s kitchen. Raekwon has accomplished a lot over his glorious career. He has worked with numerous artists and pushed his pen beyond limits. So I managed to ask the Cuban Link Don a simple question.

Pictured: Raekwon

Pictured: Raekwon

You Got Stacks Like The International House of Pancakes. - Raekwon

If you could go back in time and add a verse to any song, any genre in history, which would you choose?

Ah man u gotta give me a minute on that one, lol. You know what Biggie, yea Biggie “One More Chance”.

Pictured: (Left to Right) Bishop of Intelligently Ratchet & Defacto Thezpian

Pictured: (Left to Right) Bishop of Intelligently Ratchet & Defacto Thezpian

Raekwon, Defacto, Shame, and Dj Johnny Storrm spent the rest of the night connecting with fans, definitely class acts, and o yea I got my Wu Hat signed!!!


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