The Prevailing Woman Magazine Creator Sabrina Seymore Talks Event Planning and Her Life as a Prevailing Woman

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As humans we are selfish by nature, driven to not only survive but to thrive. People base their lives on individual goals that yield the most favorable results for their own legacy. This isn’t a negative trait , because after all , who wouldn’t want the best for themselves? When you encounter people that have an internal drive to help others reach their goals it's true beauty!  Sabrina Seymore is that rare breed. It is apparent through her many ventures and services that she is determined to assist and breath life into other’s situations. Sabrina, a graduate of North Carolina Central University, started  her event planning company called Main Event, which later she rebranded to Sabrina Seymore Events. Her company is no stranger to travel as they have a keen expertise in destination wedding planning. These destinations include exotic locations all over the globe, from Atlanta, to Jamaica, and even the newly commercialized Santorini ,Greece mentioned by rapper Rick Ross. Recently ,this Spring, she launched her magazine The Prevailing Woman. It showcases a diverse array of women all over the world from local to global platforms, who are striving and prevailing in their particular areas of expertise.  In addition to providing dream weddings and promotion for deserving pioneers, Sabrina empowers women through motivational speaking and panels.


Events and wedding planning seems like a very intricate process with a lot of room for error. Can u share an experience where something went wrong and you had to adjust quickly?

I can recall one where the bride went against my judgement and hired someone else to do a 4 tier cake and the entire cake collapsed right before the reception doors where to open. I have a few stories about cakes during the summer months, especially the buttercream depending where the wedding is. I had to literally chase the cake maker down and make her come back and fix it. She was trying to flee from the scene. She ran from me like I was the police! [ lol] Typically ,when we see a cake leaning or seeming as if it wasn’t gonna make it , I have to make an executive decision to push the cake time up or take it to the back.


When I think of “The Prevailing Woman” I envisioned women overcoming odds, being diligent, Do u have a personal story that may have influenced that title?

I was getting tired of not seeing women doing things collectively.  Being in the wedding industry, meeting other planners with different backgrounds and cultures, I saw how even though we didn’t have the same clientele we were still dealing with the same things.  I don’t know why i expected people not to be encountering the same situations but I didn’t  know because i never talked or mingled with them. We were not apart of the same organizations.  So I felt like this publication would be a great opportunity for us to come together, and educate each other. To open eyes and show that we are definitely different but we have similarities, because a woman still has a certain level of things we all go through.

If you could compare your magazine to a food what would it be?

A Casserole because it is a mixture of different foods, it can be any food but it comes out just right. Whether u put a certain, meat, cheese, rice, tofu, sausage whatever.  Like the magazine it’s different mixtures of women, different cultures but its still doing the same job. The casserole is fulfilling nutrition like someone’s knowledge or education, but it may have a different approach every time you mix  the ingredients together.


Being that you’re in the International Association of Travelers what is your favorite destination and why?

Santorini Greece, I went for a wedding and it was everything! Its everything you can imagine, from the culture, the food, the scenery. Its truly amazing, a dream location everyone should visit if they have the opportunity.


What type of man compliments “The Prevailing Woman”?

A man who is very goal driven, who has a professional career. He does not have to have a business as long as he is prevailing in his area of expertise as well. He’s a man who supports a woman in leadership and goals. He doesn’t feel her only role is to be home raising children. He understands a woman needs her free time and has her own vision.


You do so much for so many, helping others prevail and it seems like you are constantly catering to others needs. If you can just sit back and have someone do something for you, what would it be?

Hmmmmm [lol] It would be the most simple thing. Clean my house, fold my clothes. No wait! Wash, fold, and put away all the clothes. Meal prep for the week, clean my cars. Don’t plan me a party, or vacation. I just need everyday things done, like grocery shopping. It would be the simplest thing, but it would bring me so much joy!

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Editor's Note: We wish continued success to Mrs. Sabrina Seymore in all her future endeavors!

- Kimberly 

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