New Music Alert: Dynamic Duo Stallone & Weathers Release Highly-Anticipated Album

Written By: Anthony “V8ga” Hilliard

Content Edited By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Jon Mullins


Over the years there have been some unpredictable combinations that have proven to be perfect. Some of them so divine, they seem unbeatable. Brady and Belichick, Shaq and Kobe, and recently Curry and Durant. It’s just not fair. In the movie series Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s character had to face "The Champ", Apollo Creed, played by Carl Weathers. The characters went back and forth against each other, raising their respected skill levels through competition. Later in the series they were both faced with a common adversary. A foe neither could effectively beat alone.  It was then that Apollo and Rocky decided to join forces and forge a weapon that was unstoppable. This unlikely union proved to be a thing of beauty. Like Apollo, K-Hill is a proven vet. He is not only a rapper but, producer and DJ. Precyce Polytix is Rocky,  a raw gifted rapper that sets the standard of greatness. Like the movie, they both face a formidable opponent, the music industry. Together they are Stallone and Weathers. They unite to impose their will over the rap game. They’re good….nasty good.

The Lux caught up with the dynamic duo in their element, a studio in Durham, where we discussed their life experiences, origins, and their new collab project.

When did you first pick up the pen and start writing?

Precyce- I was 12 years old listening to Show Biz and Ag, “Next Level” B-side Premo Remix instrumental.  I was always into poetry, something for the girls but 12 is when I wrote my first rhyme.

What was your first rap name(s)?

Precyce- lol Explicit, then Buck 50

We heard recently you just had your first son, Congratulations!!.

Precyce - Yea he crashed landed to earth May 21st, I was there for every minute.  As I helped I was thinking to myself, this was the most beautifulest nastiest s$i! I have eva been apart of. When he came out it was like (insert octopus tentacle, noises). Precyce made the craziest, alien covered in liquid, slithering across a freshly mopped kitchen floor noise to describe birth. It was hilarious lol.

If you could add a verse to any song in history what would it be?

K-Hill - Nas “Purple”.

Precyce - Raekwon “Knowledge God”

How did you two link up?

Precyce-  A long time ago In a Galaxy far, far away, I connected with a couple of dudes in Wilson, NC. Jon and Carlton introduced me to K-Hill so I spit and he said I was dope but I was nervous. I thought he was just another dude. Years later Brian Kidd told me about Hill telling him how I rhyme and we set up a meet at Red Robin.  I told him I’m a fan and asked could he pass some jewels, maybe links because I believe we could get sumet’n poppin.

How did you come up with Stallone and Weathers?

Precyce-  I came with Rocky and Apollo. When Rocky was down and out Apollo came and was like you need to pick yourself up. That’s pretty much what K-Hill did for me.  Rap was like prohibition, I was ready to quit. Hill said, “Do you and the rest will follow, but the name I ain’t trying to get sued”. So he called me and was like “You ready for this name? You ready for this name ‘Cyce? I thought about this all night!”. Impatiently I said, "Yea, what’s the name?". He said, “Stallone and Weathers." Even though we were talking over the phone, I could see him jump back and cross his arms in a B-Boy stance. I said, "I love it; its dope!"

Describe each others strengths or weapons.

Precyce  K-hill’s weapon is the truth. He speaks with such conviction. He can take something I don’t care about and make me care. I can see something on the news and be like, man that’s messed up, but if [he] raps about it. I really care about it, I can feel it like. D@mn I'm pissed off too!

K-Hill-  Precyce’s  weapon is stamina, the hunger. We finished this project in a week, I shoot him the beat, he turns it right back around, and he can take one to the chin. If something isn’t right and I tell him about it, even if he feels a different way he’ll really take it into consideration and push forward. I’ve seen his growth as an M.C. and writer.

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After the interview I was treated to an exclusive preview of the album. We sat in the dark in Precise’s car. It's 11:00 p.m, the AC pumping, windows rolled up, and parked in front of the studio. Cyce is in the driver seat, I’m in the passenger, and K-Hill is in the back. I take great pride in not being a "yes man". If your project is dope its dope, if its wack it’s wack. As I sat in the passenger side of the car listening to this album I felt a sadness come over me because as good as this album is, it's messed up I gotta wait til' they release this before I can hear it again. No lie I contemplated jacking the album and bolting out of the car onto the busy highway to elude capture.

I have heard these artists independent of one and another, but together we’re talking a whole other beautiful creature. This is Hip Hop truly! I covered my face, shook my head, and was speechless. After they played the album I was exposed to the videos that have been sitting and waiting in their arsenal. Already chambered, Stallone and Weathers pointed the barrel at my eyes and pulled the trigger. “Pow!”, mind blown. I can’t wait to see the industry’s reaction. Things will change, because some combinations just aren’t fair.

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