V8ga's Night Out: A Night of 4PlayNC


Written By: AnthonyV8ga” Hilliard

Content Edited By: Kimberly Knight

Photo Credit: Kit Marlowe of WE Personally

Editor's Note: Want more erotic poetry? Come out this Saturday to Carmen's Cuban Cafe for Adam vs. Eve Erotic Slam! Get your tickets at  https://theoriginaleroticpoleetry.wordpress.com/

As I stood at the bar of Carmen’s Cuban Cafe admiring the abundance of beautiful women and distinguished gentleman, you could feel the energy that was filled with anticipation.The mood was classy yet seductive. It was clear that stimulation was inevitable. I ordered one of the signature drinks of the night a “Lick Me All Over”. The bartender laughed at me and asked did I want an umbrella with it too. The young lady beside me chuckled and we shared a laugh. As I spoke with her and a few other females that evening, I noticed that these were highly intelligent career women and men. We gathered to enjoy poetic dialogue openly in a mature fashion. This event wasn’t about talking dirty and watching strippers twerk, no my friend, this was thought provoking, emotion evoking raw art.

DJ and Poet Dasan Ahanu set the mood with smooth selections. Host and Co-Creator Church Da Poet gave a brief introduction of The 4Play event he and Michelle Russell put together. He laid down the rules and encouraged crowd participation. Poets informed the audience of familiar pieces as well as new material prior to performance so that the audience could reply, “New $#i&!” comically. If the artist said something deep, or relatable the audience yelled “Rewind!”, encouraging the poet to recite the last few lines for maximum impact. The Lux’s own Kit Marlowe known as the poet Shye, started the show off with a stylishly sexy poem that drew snaps from the onlookers. The women quickly took control early as seasoned female poets spoke about imposing their will in the bedroom. For a moment it felt overpowering almost dominatrix until she brought everything back into perspective by saying basically “Be the man that brings out the woman in me”. Female dancers twist and twirled around poles, gyrating enticingly as eye’s spoke while mouths lay open breathing heavily due to increased pulse rhythms. Elliot Axion used his tongue as a cunning linguist. He entertained the audience, with the help of female assistants as they blind folded, feather tickled and teased a female audience member playfully. Poet Flermardo also aided in regaining the control for the men as he confidently informed women of his expertise.

The 4Play event was a beautiful display of respect and admiration of the opposite sexes. Its rare that we are able to enjoy an exhibition of such seemingly taboo subjects. We are primal creatures at times and certain itches have to be scratched. Society tends to push us towards tip toeing around the urges we naturally have, but 4Play addressed the naked truth in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Even though there was a slight tug of war of masculinity vs femininity, it was obvious the common goal was satisfaction for all.

An interview with K. Knight and Co-Creator of 4PlayNC Church Da Poet:

How long have you been writing poetry?

I have been writing poetry and performing since 1991. Over 27 years now. I started in high school just to get somethings off my chest. In 1995, I met a young lady who told me about a spoken word event where I was from called “The Spot” in Nashville, TN. This is where I started my poetry journey. I went one time and was hooked. I haven’t put the mic down since. Although I have evolved since then, I still bring the same passion and love to art. I started traveling, performing, and went from performing to hosting, to curating events, to co-hosting radios show, to opening up for Def Poets, to starting a long running poetry cable access TV show, to starting my own poetry theatre company, to becoming one of the founding fathers of the poetry scene in Nashville, TN and Durham, NC. Who would have thought poetry would take me this far? Somedays, I can’t believe I am still a part of the poetry community.

Who or what is one of your muses for your favorite poem you’ve written? What’s the name of the poem?

Hmm my favorite poem? It’s been so many over the years. I used to write based on music I was listening to and tie something I heard to a situation I was in or going through. Although it’s not my all-time favorite, but I do love performing a poem called “Rainbows”. “I wish I could have invented rainbows, so I could wrap heaven in your eyes with each bow. I wanted a reason to fall in love”. I wrote it about wanting to find love.

When did you start hosting erotic poetry events and what inspired you to do them?

I started hosting erotic poetry and pole dancing event in 2010. I had an idea few years ago about doing a different version with exotic dancers and poets, but never acted on it until moving to NC.

What inspired the event?

I wanted to take the art of poetry, music, and the art of pole-dancing and create something beautiful. The original show was poetry and pole dancing together at the same time. Poet performing to the dancer, the dancer performing to the poem, they’re both performing to the music. This led to me creating a few erotic shows. “The Original Erotic Pole-etry, 4play, Erotic Cumfessions, 50 Shades of Erotica, and Adam vs Eve Erotic Slam. Each show has it’s own unique elements to make them different from its counterpart.  

What would you like for guests to experience at your erotic poetry events? 

I would like them to experience a professional event, hosted, produced and run based on quality, performance and thought. I want them to experience something they cannot get anywhere else. The art of Erotic Poetry and Pole-dancing with a concentration on the poetry. The feel of knowing they are coming to something that is adult orientated, but done with class and professionalism. The poets and the dancers are all professionals in their own rights. I work with most if not all the dance studios in the area so that if any of the ladies in the audience would like to take classes she can. The poets are usually either from open mics I run or poets that I have seen or worked with.

What can we expect in 2018 for you? 

I am looking to travel a few of the events, 4play and Adam vs Eve for sure and maybe Erotic Cumfessions. We would like to get some sponsors, and find a venue that will hold 300 ppl and do shows more often. Pushing 4PLAYNC will be one of my goals, as well as the other poetry brands I am involved in. My Poetry based theatre company “Black Poetry Theatre”, our Raleigh Based open mic “City Soul Café Open Mic, and Uptown Poetry Lounge at Uptown bar and Lounge. I am currently working on my T-shirt printing company and Graphic design company “JRC3 Designs”.

What’s currently on your music playlist?

Sabrina Claudio, Daniel Ceasar, and Out

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